Jan 17, 2012

I Got Lucky

Remember my old post about Ms.Glitzy Giveaway?

I won it!

I WON US$1000 shopping voucher from !

Couldn't believe it at first, but Ms.Glitzy's twit that day on late December noticed my name as a winner. I re-checked in her blog and it really was my name. Whoa!

The next following week, Sarah from My-Wardrobe emailed me the gift certificate code and explain all the how-to, and it's very easy and simple, considering me never buy something online from abroad. Thanks Sarah! Here I got US$1000 to spend in my-wardrobe.

I was seriously confused for My-Wardrobe has many fabulous designer's items for I want to purchase everything. And at last I picked these two items: Marc Jacobs satchel and Sam Edelman peep-toe shoe. All in black, because I want items that could be easily mix and match with others. Also I've been craving for so long to have a satchel and a peep-toe shoe, now I got it all!

And today the loot is coming. Thank you Ms.Glitzy and, you guys really made my day! :D

Jan 7, 2012

Saturday Outfit


Gonna share my Saturday outfit. I post it in my office, yes it's already 2012, and my office still open on Saturday. Oh God, I beg you (though I know it's impossible) >,<

Anyhow I feel excited today, because I am wearing my new top from a webstore: Cottonink. I've been looking for this Emerald Adele Tank for couple months, and been having a dilemma to buy or not to buy it. Yes, because I am a conventional shopper, who love seeing and trying the item myself). And in the end, I bought it! Actually I bought it for Christmas dinner with Calvin's family, which I've been told to wear any green or red clothes. I got panicked, then just entered their webstore and click-click-click-done!

O ya, I got tricked by their promotion anyway. It's not their fault, it was just me being a naive shopper T_T. So they have a promotion like this: Free shipping for orders above 250,000 IDR. Quickly, I thought, okay, too cut the budget as I promised myself not to be frugal spender, I bought two items which cost 300,000 IDR! And because I chose free shipping, the items take 3 to 5 days to arrive. It sadly came after the Christmas. Oh I am an unlucky naive shopper T_T.

But, luckily, the items came okay. It suits me well, but kinda average on the material. I love the green color and I love they making it plain and simple, so I could dress it up with necklace or any-color outer.

Special credit for Calvin who took this photo :*

Been thinking of a matching shoes and Up Shoes is one of the top list.What do you think of Stella Beige?

or Stella Grey?


Ps: Stand a chance to win a pair of any Up Shoes from Woro: The Pradonos :)

Good luck and have a fun weekend!

Jan 3, 2012

Happy Things

Here are some things that make me happy. Actually have this idea from Kate, Craking Up . Go check her blog. She writes and draws everything up funnily smart!