Jul 30, 2013

Enjoy Sunday Makeup

I am grateful for Sunday, I enjoy it, I am a fan of it, I adore it.
Most of all, on this day, recently, I can do a makeup experiment! XD
I find this hobby entertaining. Doing my makeup makes myself happy. As simple as that :")

As now I want to share my makeup on last Sunday. I had a date with boyfie, and decided to try out the new foundations. Make Up For Ever face & body and Chanel Perfection Lumiere. This two foundation compliments each other. The MUFE one moisturizes my dry skin well and Chanel evens out and smoothen my skin. 

As daily makeup for office I usually only apply MUFE and MAC powder. And I can't wear Chanel alone because of my dry skin. So both of them work awesome on my combination skin, for medium to high coverage.

Another good thing is, wearing this double foundations doesn't look too much on me, you can see at the picture below. Yay!

Make Up For Ever Face & Body (#38)
Chanel Perfection Lumiere (BR10)

theBalm Instain Argyle

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
theBalm Meet Matte Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner

theBalm Mai Billsbepaid

Jul 24, 2013

I have a crush

I have a crush, no, crushes..

on.... Candy Crush and Hay Day!

Hahaha, these two are the games on my iPad, which was a life changing :P

It was really a bad idea to have me downloading these games, because I am attached to them ever since. But I think the founders of these games still have mercy on me. Like on Candy Crush, it has some kind of penalty, which if I fail on a level like a lot of time, I am banned to play until some certain times. I even got 24 hours penalty. Same rule goes to Hay Day, the farm needs time to be worked on, so we have to wait and complete all the orders to get through the next level. Unless you want to pay some (real) money to fasten the works.

This rule, I thank the founders, because it's the most effective way to stop me playing the games, so I can go to bath or bed, or work. Yup, that bad on me XD.

But, look at the bright side. 
It keeps me occupied very well when I have nothing to do. 
Go try them yourself, at your own risk. 

My current Candy Crush

And my current Hay Day, I named it: The Ranchies (it reminds me of Bill Rancic! Haha!)

Jul 17, 2013

theBalm Lipstick : Mai Billsbepaid

Holaaaa from my home, yay this is my first time blogging at home. I really am still overwhelmed by the easiness of using the internet connection anywhere anytime :")

Anyway, my new lipstick has arrived! theBalm Mai Billsbepaid! How cute the name is, right? Actually it's kind a silly, because I told my bf to buy me this lipstick because I've got a lot expense this month (I purchased two foundation at the same week!). And lucky me he handed me the money right away (girls, don't forget to use your puppy eyes :p). So the name says it all, my bills be paid by my bf! Hahaha. 

It's like forever that I have problem using lipstick, because of the sensitive lips. Sometimes I got itchy and chapped easily by using only lip balm. I even once got pretty bad swollen lips when a beauty assistant in the mall try putting the lipstick on me, only in two hours. Instead of pretty, I got ugly? Yup, it's that bad. 

So when I first know theBalm lipstick, the very first question is: Will the product makes dry and chapped lips?

After putting it on almost all day today....

It is not! 

It even makes my lips look healthier and the highlight is also the color is very wearable for everyday looks, it's nude, I say it : 'no lipstick' lipstick ;)


Jul 16, 2013

The Provider

So the good gadget needs a good buddy to accommodate aIl the internet connection. My bf has been using XL hotrod 3G and he says nothing bad about it, so I pick XL without hesitate. This iPad mini uses nano sim card, so we have to install it in XL center. We went to XL center in jalan Pemuda yesterday on 5 pm. When we got there the security told us that the staff had their breakfasting in one hour. So the office will open again on 6. So we waited in the lounge. It's quite comfy there, super speedy wifi connection (I managed to download Candy Crush. Yay!), cozy couch, and free drinks.

So when the time came, the staff called us, and explained the detail, did some paperwork and done. All done in only 1 hour. Anyway XL has a good deal, by buying two sim card for only idr 60k consist of 3 giga byte, valid for two months. And the staff was very nice and helpful. *happy*

Jul 15, 2013

Testing out Blogger on iPad mini

It's definitely a good day to start a new week, because I've got a new gadget for blogging! My very first iPad mini! 

I love how I can edit my pictures with more attractive photo editor.
I love how I can take all my office data mobile-ly Yay to paperless! :D

Jul 13, 2013

Learn to Shade

My very first concern about my face is definitely the nose (after the forehead of course). I have no pointy nose, I prefer to call it small nose though. So small then some of high school friends often bully me about its existence. Meh! X)

So when I know a little makeup trick, there is one thing called: shading (or some beauty bloggers call it contouring, I did my own face as an experiment. Hahaha, nothing's better right. I once did nose shading for my mom, and it ended up asymmetrical! Lol. 

So this is my very first time trying nose shading.

I don't have any shading makeup so I use my Meet Matt(e) Palette, I choose Matt Wood (the deep brown one) and an eyeshadow brush to shade my nose. For the top of the nose I add a line of Matt Malloy (the white one).

Really an amateur but I kinda like the result X). It's not too noticeable, but does make a bit of camouflage for pointy nose look.

With and Without Nose Shading. I think I look slimmer! Yay!

Jul 5, 2013

Birthday Banner and Props DIY

Boss birthday is ON, meaning I gotta be prepared! The birthday surprise, cake and anything. Yeah, my job is pretty much about handle miscellaneous stuff too. 

Working here almost 5 five years,  I have to be as creative as possible. No one tell me to do so, but I have the urge to do so. Call me weirdo! Haahaha.

So this year is all about DIY, because I got bored by the mainstream. 

I have this pastel colorful birthday banner from this cool web of Anders Ruff

and the birthday props from oh happy day check the website out, a lot of cool DIY alert!

All you need is good quality papers, color printer, scissor and DONE! :D