Apr 24, 2012

Seafood & Sausage

Made my own lunch on Sunday, Grilled Seafood and Sausage :D really Sunday is a perfect day to practice my cooking skill and to interpret my hobby of watching for Master Chef heheheh :p

The fish and prawn went well with my created sauce, but not for the sausage, huhuhu. My created sauce basically were just mix of the salt, pepper, sugar, dried chilly, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. I mixed everything up, hohoho. Anyway using Happy Call pan made my cooking a lot easier *happy*

Apr 15, 2012


Okay, here we are again preparing Main Dealer Business Meeting on this Tuesday. Got home at 2 am two days ago, didn't bring my key (stupid me), and.... disaster!

10.22 pm
Me texted Dad nervously:
"Dad, I may be late at home tonight, got an overtime at the office. Don't worry, I can go to office tomorrow at noon."

10.24 pm
Dad replied:
"Okay, be safe there."

12.12 am
Me texted Dad again, the nervous was doubled!
"Hmm, Dad, I think will be a lil bit late, please send me Yulin's number (new maid). So I can call her when I got home."

12.13 am
Dad replied:
"It's okay, I will open the door for you."

12.16 am
Me replied, really I skipped my heart a bit:
"Okay, Dad. It will be over soon, I will call you later."

12.17 am
Dad replied:

1.41 am
Dad texted me, obviously seems angry now:
"Hey, why don't you go home yet?"

1.44 am
Me replied, almost crying:
"Not yet, Dad. Everybody is still at the office. I will call you when I get home"

----- no reply

1.57 am
Me texted Dad
"I am on my way home."

----- no reply

2.20 am 
In front of my house, called Dad 5 times and got no answer.

15 minutes later:
Mom opened the door (thank God!) and told me that Dad was angry with me. I was so gonna dead!

Even I was at home, he didn't show up. Better be prepared myself for tomorrow.  And as a result, yes, I can't sleep! It's because I was thinking what to say to Dad tomorrow. Really frustrating. This is my 6th times (since 3 years ago) doing this overtime at work, it's kinda routine for us work at main dealer, to prepare a presentation to our Japanese big boss, and still my Dad doesn't get used to it, that his daughter will stay up late the office one full week, twice a year. SIGH.

And the following day was way predictable with an hour lecturer from Dad in the morning and the scene of me keeping my mouth off and nodding continuously. I think that was the best way to calm the angry Dad, to let him burst it out. 

I am so sorry, Dad. It's just the way it is :((

Hope Tuesday will come soon and the meeting will run well, oh and really wish the Japanese big boss will be in a good mood *finger crossed*

PS: I've been getting home late still, and I am saved by my own key.

Apr 9, 2012

The Silhouette

Had a fun time making me and Calvin in silhouette on Photoshop. I feel so smart (because really I am a newbie, I myself feel shocked that I could make it, only by dragging and cropping this and that, hehehe)

Apr 7, 2012

The Last Stance

Isn't she beautiful? :")

This is Calvin's car current look. See the details here
Also see the changes from time to time here

Apr 5, 2012

Summer is Over

Loving this song and the video! Jon McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles are just really a true match. And watching this make me really think of me and Calvin making pancake together someday hehehe :")

Apr 2, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love the book much more than the movie. Though the movie was brilliant, but there are so much questions from it. And all are answered after reading the book. I am a happy reader, and can't wait to read the sequels :D

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