Mar 30, 2012

I Feel Good

Just celebrated staff birthday at the office today. Yup, my office celebrate each staff (who work over one year only) birthday every month. In the end of the month we gather everyone who has birthday on that month, buy them cakes, and together sing the happy birthday song and take pictures. Also the bosses will do the birthday speeches even pray for us. This is my birthday month so I was in and really I had a good time :")

Messy desks everywhere! XD
Thanks to C for taking the pic :*

Then I want to tell you my new things (these make me pay the credit card bill today. Uh oh). I have this new trouser in black from Body and Soul, very comfy to wear, fits my short leg perfectly :P, and new batik top from Batik Keris. I love the color and the cheongsam neck. Glad that I chose size M (usually take SS!), kinda lousy but it fits very well as an office attire. Also introducing my new hair! Been having too much bad hairs days and finally cut my hair shorter last week. My head feels so much lighter and... I feel good! :D

Mar 29, 2012

Just For Fun

There was a while time ago, when I started writing more often in my blog (perhaps one year ago), I really wanted to monetize my blog. Here was my thoughts : I write something online (no cost at all), and I will get some money. I did try it twice using blogger facility, and they rejected me, said that I don't meet their criteria and whatsoever. Kinda upset at first, but I just let it go, forgot it, and just moved on XD

So what's the news now? Here comes the irony: I hate bloggers with too much advertising, hahaha! Sometimes when they post too many ads, I simply hit the button: "stop following this site" hehehe.

I know sponsors will be happy to put on some ads on bloggers website, which I know online marketing is powerful now, but so sorry, if it's too much, I as a reader just find it annoying.

I enjoy writing also reading others' sharing, drawings, thoughts, reviews, recommendations and so on, but I will keep it just for fun. I don't want to be 'forced' to read any particular blogs. It goes the same as people who comments your post, bla bla bla and ask you follow their blogs. I don't find it work that way. I will follow their blog if I like reading it, because I am not a follower, I am a reader. That's it, as simple as that. 

And..... guess what? It goes the same in twitter. Please just keep this "I followed you, please follow me back" away :P

Ok, that's my contemplation of the day hehehe, let me happily share Kogyo's Bibimbap as I mentioned before ^^ finally tried it, and it is a real yummy!

Mar 28, 2012

The Best Steamboat

Been loving Jade Imperial's steamboat for so long, and finally managed to snap the pictures of the most delicious steamboat ever. YUM!


Charcoal Steamboat Pot

  • Have a try at Jade Imperial Tunjungan Plaza. Dukuh Kupang's was not as good as them (tried it once) and Galaxy Mall doesn't serve the steamboat.
  • Have them with their hot spicy soury sauce (the orange one in the first photo) *drooling*
  • Jade Imperial is way more delicious than others, like really! Charcoal steamboat RULES!

Mar 24, 2012

Not So Long Weekend

At first I was so excited to know that this week we have one day holiday on Friday to celebrate Day Of Silence (Hari Raya Nyepi). It supposed to be a fun long weekend, for people who don't work at Saturday, unlike me :((. I think I've been writing a lot of how I wonder on earth that my office (probably the only one?) still open on Saturday.

Anyway, I still have to be grateful that I got one day off (There are so many people who work on Sunday, right?). Spent it very wisely yesterday: woke up at 8, got breakfast of Kue Mangkok and a cup of coffee, while watching Star World: Top Model, Master Chef (They cooked Halibut Fish, just happened to know that kind of fish exists), and American Idol (Kinda think Hee Jun is much better to be a comedian tv star, don't you think so?) and... took a nap! Oh gosh, it's been ages!

At the end of the day, we had dinner at Fish & Co and guess what did I order? Grilled Halibut with Sambal Sauce! Yes, I was inspired by Master Chef, hehehe :D. I enjoyed the texture of the fish but the sauce is a little bit too much of seasoning, I'd rather to have Fish & Chips next time. Another thing is their fish is HUGE you may share it for two, it explained why they have a quite pricey price! x_x

Mar 17, 2012

A Little Prayer

This writing should be posted on my birthday which is over a week ago. I was too busy to blog last week, preparing a meeting and training new member.

Thank God, the meeting and training went well. It made me remember myself three years ago when I was a newbie in my department, all by myself. And I think I survive! :D

One member even said in our meeting last week that my department is much better when I handle them comparing to my formers. It just a simple comment, but it really means a lot to me, that I am contributing to someone, that I am contributing to my department :"). Yet, in fact I think I have done nothing but make every reports simpler and run a training for enhancing their skill.

The older I am, the more I know that I want nothing in this world but happiness.

Sometimes I am too busy to think "What have I done this past 25 years?" or "What will I become in the next 5 years?" or "Can I go to Hongkong someday (sooner :P) and play in Ocean Park?" or "Can I have a wedding in a garden on a sunny day someday?' or " Can I have my own workshop or studio or anything at home so I can be a full-time mom, staying with my kids, while Calvin is working?" or "Can I live that long so I can see my grand kids?" or any other absurd questions.

And I reach to this point that all of my thoughts above are way too overreacted, because I have to think about my life NOW not yesterday, not tomorrow, or not in the next 5 years. Yes, people make plans, indeed, but the thing I want to say is we have to be grateful and give our best for what we have now instead of worrying what we don't have now.

I believe God will make a way. In His time. 

Then here I say a little prayer to you Lord, for better me.

Thanks for the gift :*

Mar 9, 2012


JulietJuliet by Anne Fortier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this book. I love the story of modern Romeo and Juliet which has -thank God- happy ending. I just hate sad ending like in the movie. The present plot and the 1340s made it more interesting. Anne Fortier wrote this epic drama history beautifully :")

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Mar 5, 2012

Singapore and The Sun

Had a fun time in Singapore last year and always want to go back there as I never get enough of it!

The best part was I figured out that my skin was not burn at all, considering I was overexposed all day when I was at Universal Studio. I remember I really had a bad time when I was in Bali or Labuan Bajo. The sunburn usually kills me, even though I apply double sun screen! Rash, itching, skin peeling, you name it, always come in the end of the holiday. But there in Singapore I could put my hat or jacket out. Weird huh?

Here are some (belated) photos :p

Marina Bay Sands spotted behind Singapore flyer

Universal Studio

Lasalle College of the Arts

National Museum of Singapore

Prawn Noodles at Food Republic, Wisma Atria. YUM!