May 21, 2013

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I got this famous gel eyeliner while ago. Purchased it from Bobbi Brown's website when they had 20% off. Yay me! I did a research before, some reviews it so good but others says it so-so. Then I just push my luck. Let's bring it to my train case (I don't have one, but writing that makes it sounds cooler, hahaha, I only have  my messy beauty desk at home =P).

First impression was the packaging is so beautiful, I don't have any high end brand makeup product, so this made me in an awe. It has glass packaging, with beautiful black lid and white famous Bobbi Brown fonts. 

Just try this out (I use it after primer) only for 3 days, but I could say this is very long lasting eyeliner. I had this from 7 am and stays in place until 8 pm. The only downside is, I made a winged eye look yesterday, and in 4 pm I saw the wings has broken (okay, I say it too much hahaha), the thing is this eyeliner smudged only on the wings. So, I just erased the wing out and my eyes still in a good look all in all. 

Oh, and I do notice a quite weird feeling applying this eyeliner. My eyes are sore! It's not comfortable yet it's still bearable. Like, I don't know, can there be ingredients that get me allergic? The sore gone slowly after 4 hours, thank God. 

The removing part is quite easy, I just need a better eye and make up remover. I have L'Oreal one, and it hurts my eyes. Why can't you stand a drugstore product? *asking my eyes*

I use Sigma E05 for eyeliner brush

What so good about buying high end product without knowing how to use it? ;)
I learn it the best from Michelle Phan. Easy peasy wing eyes! Check her video out:

May 18, 2013

Happy Macaroons

The cutest cake I've ever bought
Bakerzin Red Velvet Cake + Colorful Macaroons

Happy Birthday Boyfie! XOXO

May 14, 2013

While he's away

C got so lucky, he got free trip from the office, thank God. I am soooo happy for him and so sad at the same time. Happy because this trip is the reward of all his hard work, sad because he is away without me! T_T. He has been away for Macau-Shenzhen-Hongkong trip for 6 days. This is his last day, means: he's going back home today. Yay!

And what I did while he is away:

Watching movies
I rent some movies, I like the original ones, so I always rent them from Windisc. I watched The Vow. Rachel McAdams  is so pretty and Channing Tatum has a killer body (you can see his butts here, oops!). The story was based on real life, which  I found so romantic. I cried a tear watching their saying vows moment :"). I also watched Letters to Juliet. I can't imagined this movie without Amanda Seyfried. Gorgeous! The story is kind a predictable, but I enjoy the acts and the views, really Verona and Siena are so beautiful. Lastly I watched Ocean Eleven, yes the handsome Mr. George Clooney's movie (I love him way way more than Brad Pitt). Actually I've never seen this movie entirely, I once watched it on TV but always miss the first part. I love this movie and I have Ocean Twelve and Thirteen in queue *can't wait*

I adore Amanda Seyfried hair! 

I figured out that make ups price in HK is considerably cheaper than here in Indonesia. So, I browse through what to buy in there. I ended up choosing Koji Dolly Wink. My favorite liquid eyeliner, mascara and fake eyelashes (first try)  are on the way home tonight, baby! :D

Hanging out with my nephew
Darren is two years old now (at May 12). He is now a cute little guy with much laughter, more active, and he babbles a lot randomly! So happy to see him yesterday along with my sis n bro in law.  

Been thinking of making another scrapbook for C's upcoming birthday, so I decided to spend my weekend at My Scrapbook Idea (MSI) to gather some ideas. The store has seriously enormous stuff for scrapbook, I get dizzy literally. Fortunately I got all I want *happy*

I am more productive now, because I have something to write about. Hahaha..

Okay, I have to back to work now, can't wait for my Dolly Wink, oops, can't wait for C to come back! =P

I saw Eleven Twelve and Julia Robert acts as Julia Robert was a very awesome idea! 

May 10, 2013

Makeup Needs Practice

I think I spend too much money on makeups this past six months. Foundations, blushes, brushes and eyeliners, omg! This is what I call the impact of joining a female forum which everyone share about makeups.

It's kind a big trouble, at least for me, because I can't help myself for buying makeups especially when it's cheaper than the counter. The good thing is I found a reason to wake up early. Ehem, what's the relation between makeup and wake up? YES, with all that new complicated makeup I bought, I have to wake up earlier so it will be worth it every penny that I put it on everyday (some has 12 months of expiry date, so I have to be wise). HAHAHA. *very silly reason, but it works on me =P*

Overwhelmed with all the makeups, I only need one more thing. Practice! Putting on makeup is like painting. You need practice to know what's best for your canvas, you need practice to know about what the canvas is for (okay, I go a little too far here). What I mean is I need to know what kind of makeup suit my skin very well or I need to know how much makeup I put on any occasion. Daily use/office makeups should be very natural, not too much, but have to give some freshness to last almost 10 hours. Party makeups should be more focus on the eyes, smokey eyes or fake lashes will add some sparks ;;).

So it was a Sunday afternoon, I had nothing to do, so this was my first trying. Oh I forget to mention, here I got new blush from theBalm, Instain Argyle, which is once again, because I read on the forum that it comes very pretty for fair skin, and it's 50% off, I just bought it without hesitate. And when it came last week, I was not really sure because the color in the pan is so pink, I tried it on to my fingers, it's a bright pink :O

theBalm's pretty packaging as always

So when I got back home I can't help to try it on my cheeks, I use a baby kabuki brush from Ecotools (I have no blush brush >,<) theBalm Instain Argyle was very pigmented on my cheeks, I was so shocked, I cleaned my face right away T_T. Then again I read in the forum, some suggest me to use my finger to tap on the pan first, then apply to my cheeks, and lastly blend it with brush. It turns out so well! *happy*

Can't you see something tiny in my picture that make my look much much prettier? How a tiny things can make a huge difference in a whole look : fake eyelashes! (Yes, I did take a picture without lashes, it was so ugly >,<)

Okay, that's all for now. Have a nice weekend!

Anyway I think I won't have a nice weekend, because C is going for Macau-Shenzhen-Hongkong trip until next week. But I'm thinking for what makeups should I tell him to buy there, hmmmm, and I kind a miss him T_T. Okay, enough rambling, bye!

May 2, 2013

So this is the feeling


Mr. X-san (the Japanese boss) : Who made the presentation?
Mr. W (my boss ) : Our lady staff *eyes looking at me*
Mr. X-san : Very creative idea
Me : *blushing crazily in the middle of the meeting*

So this is the feeling.... of making a presentation from the idea of the thing you love and getting compliment from the highness Japanese :P