May 4, 2016

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask : Facial mask that REALLY works on me

So I've been told that only cleanse and moisture your face not enough. You need to tone, scrub, exfoliate and more over mask them. I once was a user of Erha Clinic, and the aesthetics doctor said I don't need toner because my skin is sensitive. So I have never used toner ever since, which I found convenient, because I want simple steps in my rush morning skincare haha!

Scrub and exfoliate are not really my thing, because some product that I have been tried just disappoint me. They broke me out, I guess I am not lucky to find the one.

Then, I know my safest option, is only to mask my face. So I googled here and there. And found Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask. I bought in mini size, 50ml for idr 150,000, so there was quite a steal, right, for Korean high end brand.

The instruction is different from other mask I know. It tells to cleanse your face, put some moisturiser, or even a serum, then apply the mask, wait for 20 minutes, peel them off, and you are good (no need to wash your face! Thank you for the simplicity Sulwhasoo!). I found it odd, but I gotta do what the instruction said, right.

And then, I know this is the one! This is the mask that REALLY works on me. Why? That would be because of the instant result I got. One day I had this big itchy pimple right on my forehead and I applied the mask, waited 20 minutes, peeled it off, then off to bed. The next morning, I found the mask dried up the pimple and made it less red without looking over exfoliate (If you know what I mean, it doesn't look like you put strong acne gel that will leave your skin bad dry patches). This mask is so mild on my skin, yet so effective. How can a product be like this? W O W.

Another day, I had a really bad dry skin, like dry patches all over my eyebrow area and my cheeks. You know I really love trying new product, this time is Dr. Bronner magic soap, which is definitely not doing some magic on me, but leaving my skin so dry. And then I applied my own magic mask. The next morning I woke up with better skin, dry patches around my eyebrows and cheeks were gone. My Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask was truly the rescue. I use it once every week or two weeks. Or whenever I feel my skin acts up.

This is what I call magic:

Apr 23, 2016

Goodness Skincare : Grab & Go Try-Me Kit

Aku mau review beberapa produk GoodnessIni adalah salah satu organic skin care dari New Zealand. Aku lagi gencar banget beli yang organik karena selain lebih aman di kulit kan sekarang lagi hamil juga, jadi aku menghindari ingredients yang terlalu harsh

Nah, karena belum ada bayangan mau beli apa dari Goodness, aku coba starter kit-nya terlebih dahulu yaitu Grab & Go Try-Me Kit. Aku purchase dari Instagram @tokotujuhpuluh, harganya IDR 300,000. Untuk dapat 5 produk imut-imut ini menurutku cukup affordable ya, apalagi untuk yang suka coba-coba kayak aku, jadi kalo nggak cocok, nggak terlalu sakit ati ceritanya :D

Buat yang nggak tahu sama sekali, ini aku comot gambar dari website resmi mereka:

Pas datang paketnya, duh lucu banget, warna-warninya itu loohhh. Candies in my eyes! 

Review singkat pemakaian kurang lebih sebulan:

Goodness Chia Seed Oil
I love it! Aku pakai ini setelah cuci muka, pagi dan malam, sebelum menggunakan morning/evening cream. Chia seed oil ini tidak lengket di kulit, ringan, wanginya enak kalem menenangkan (somehow remind me of Castile Soap), tidak over-fragrance. Biasanya aku tunggu kira-kira 5 menit sebelum menggunakan moisturizer. Dalam sebulanan pemakaian, yang pasti tidak ada break out, dry patch berkurang, muka lebih lembap, dan foundation nempelnya lebih bagus, nggak cakey. Untuk manfaat lain mungkin belum bisa review terlalu detail. We'll see later after a couple months.

Goodness Every day Cream Cleanser 

Cleanser ini nggak ada busa sama sekali. Sampe aku ulang 2x cuci muka, karna parno belum biasa hahaha. Biasanya pake sabun cuci muka organik masih tetep ada busanya dikit, ini blas nggak ada. Jadi kerasa nggak bersih cuci mukanya >,<

Goodness Every Morning Cream 
Krim ini terasa ringan di wajah, light-weight, no sticky feeling, dan cukup melembapkan. Aku pakai ini setelah Goodness Chia Seed Oil. Jadi pas aplikasi foundation bisa lebih bagus. Packaging juga sangat convenient karena menggunakan tube. Dan warna packaging-nya lucu banget. Untuk yang mau beralih ke natural skincare bisa coba produk Goodness ini. Harga juga affordable banget 

Goodness Every Evening Cream 
Aku pakai krim ini pas malam, setelah cuci muka dan pakai Goodness Chia Seed Oil. Texture-wise produk ini lebih thick dari Goodness Every Morning Cream. Karena cuma dipakai pas tidur, I don't mind the stickiness, hehe. So far pemakaian seminggu, kulit lebih terasa lembap, dry patches juga hilang, dan nggak break out di kulit sensitifku.

Godness Every Week Face Scrub ini baru aku pake sekitar 3x, so far cukup suka karna produk ini nggak bikin muka merah atau kering. Teksturnya ada sedikit butiran halus, tapi begitu kena air dia langsung lumer, mungkin ini yang nggak bikin muka jadi kering ketarik. 

All in all, aku suka produk Goodness ini, tapi untuk purchase full-size masih pikir-pikir dulu. Karena masih kepikiran produk Australia/NZ lain, yaitu: Trilogy sama Antipodes hahaha :P

Mar 15, 2016

We are Pregnant! #PregnancyAnnouncement

Yayyyy, I am so happy to announce that we are pregnant! So today I am around 14 weeks and 3 days, and I decided it is the best time to tell you because I am already in my second trimester. Below are some stories I wrote since earlier pregnancy. I think it's a good way to write everything down, so I can reread it another time, or share with our baby in the future :)


5 Jan 2016 - Pregnancy Sign
My period was supposed to start in 2 Jan 2016, but it didn't coming. After 4 days late, I told Calvin, that I might be pregnant. But he told me to take it easy (he doesn't want me to jinx it), and let us spare another week to take pregnancy test. I just know that I am pregnant (mommy's feeling?), so I stopped drinking coffee already, and always hold my belly whenever I drive on bumpy road or whenever I take stairs >.<.

20 Jan 2016 - The day I did my Test Pack 
This was the day I found two lines on the pregnancy test. I was so happy I looked at it again and again. I told Calvin, who was still sleeping and he just gave a thumb up, and back to sleep. Yeah, he is that kind of a guy, who lack of expression. Hahaha. Later that day, we decided to call our baby Bao Bei (read: pao pei) means baby in Chinese.

23 Jan 2016 - First Visit to the Doctor
To confirm the pregnancy test, we made an appointment to the Obgyn. Our pick is Dr. Chandra Thaytty, Sp.OG, because Calvin's sister was taken care by him in her last pregnancy and she gave a good review for him. We went there at Saturday, and waited only about an hour, such a blessing, because many says that the queue is awful at some obgyn. It was my first being there, so the nurse told me to fill in my data, and take my weight and blood pressure. In an hour the nurse called my name. I was so nervous, but the Obgyn was really cool, I've already like him. He asked when my last period is, and then told to lay down on the exam bed. He took an ultrasound, and there he/she is! Our tiny baby. It was actually appeared like a dot in the screen, hehehe. The doctor took the heart beat test and the sound was so fast. He said our baby has good heart beat, around 122. My eyes was very teary at that time. It's just so amazing to hear our baby heartbeat. He predicted the baby is around 6-7 weeks. After we finish with the ultrasound, the Obgyn told me to take things slowly, not to do too much walking, not to be too tired, because the baby is still tiny, so the chance of miscarriage is still high. Then he told us to come back in two weeks and prescribed some medicines for me:
1. Folaplus (30 tablet) IDR 30,260
2. Duphaston 10 mg (30 tablet) IDR 480,250
3. Cester (15 tablet) IDR 46,750

The Obgyn itself cost IDR 350,000, so that day we spent almost IDR 1 million! #prayforCalvin hehehe.

Then we went home and  spent the rest of the day looking happily at at ultrasound pictures the Obgyn gave us in a book. I still can't believe how amazing is our God, to put such a tiny life in my womb that already have a heartbeat! I am in an awe! I keep praying to God that our baby will grow healthily. #GodSpeed

1 Feb 2016 - My Pregnancy Symptom
The pregnancy symptom on me so far is I get exhausted easily, I even go to bed around 9 pm, and wake up 6.30 am lazily. I pee a lot, and I go out of breath so easily. My boobs are swollen and sore. Other than that, I look like a normal person. No morning sick at all. Thank God. I think, Bao Bei knows that mommy is working at the office, so he/she is being so considerate to me :").

And I've already gain 2 kilos. My previous weight is around 48 kilos, and now is around 50. I am not craving any particular food. I just starve easily, but I can't take too much food, because my stomach will be so full I can't breathe. So the best thing is to eat often but in smaller portion.

I think I am now are constantly very happy, I don't know if it's the mood or just because I don't get my period, so I'm not cranky at all (like every women know, once a month) >,<. It's a good thing, rightttt?

12 Feb 2016 - Second Visit to the Doctor
We were so excited to see how little the baby is. Bao bei is only 2.43cm but already look like human, with big head, tiny hands and foots. God is really amazing! Please grow healthily and happily our Bao Bei!

26 Feb 2016 - Third Visit to the Doctor
Today's ultrasound was so exciting, because as the Doctor turned around the tools on my belly, our baby was moving around too. It was like Bao Bei want to show off his/her move to mommy and daddy. We were so happy, do you know that? Mommy and daddy are so thrilled, we can't stop saying how amazing is our God. Bao bei now is around 6cm and 11 weeks and 6 days today. Thanks to you, mommy doesn't have morning sickness at all, just a little migraine once in a while, no worries, because Doctor says it's perfectly normal. We love you! At this time, the Doctor is not prescribed Duphaston to me anymore, instead of it, he prescribe some Calcium

3 Mar 2016 - Baby Bump

Around 12 weeks

I guess this is it. I will let you know the next update. See you!