Apr 14, 2011

High Five Cartoon

Calvin is really in a good mood today. He draws a lot! And I think this illustration looks more like us. Hehehe.
I simply edited the illustration on Power Point 2007: so easy! :D 

Another illustration by Calvin :)

Am I that short?

Finally Calvin drew me an illustration of us. I knew he draws pretty good (you could see it in here) but never he draws a figure of us until today. Yay! 
I like this illustration so much, I feel like he is protecting me: "Don't you worry honey, I'm with you". Perhaps because I am so tiny (or short?) compared to him. 
Am i that short? (Illustration by Calvin. He is good at it!)

Apr 13, 2011

Couple Comfortable-Meter

Farting, Burping, Nose-picking. These are disgusting for some of us. But I see these as a couple comfortable-meter. What is it?

If you are comfortable to do all the things above in front of your bf/gf then you are in a right track. I am!! :D

Apr 5, 2011

Think Nothing

Sent this message to Calvin yesterday before get in bed:

Think nothing.
No. Think one thing.

I love you.
You love me.
We won't never let each other down.

Ok. It's three things. But the thing is I did feel better afterward :)

I maybe can not solve your problem, but I can always walk with you through anything (Another scratch by Calvin)