May 29, 2011

Late Nite Post

There are times when I stay late at the office.
Twice a year.
4 to 7 days in each time.
9 to 2. Am to am.
Even on Sunday, like today.
Tired, yes.
Exhausted, yes.
Panda eyes, yes.
Pimples, yes.

All for a meeting. Six hours meeting with the Japanese. The review of our last semester achievement and our 2011 strategy. Tomorrow, May 30th, 2011. 10.30.  

I have been through it since 2009 to 2011. I do not complaint to get home late. But my parents do *sigh*. Please do not worry about me. Bosses give us tons of foods even a vitamin C injection. It is just the way it is. And the most important thing I do it happily.

Just wish us good luck tomorrow. God speed!

May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear

You make me burst out in laugh loud a lot
You handle me so well even for my worst mood/tears
You know how to talk to me when you ask: "What's wrong?" and I say: "I'm fine"
You teach me to be not afraid for being myself
You teach me to fight for my vision
You show me your way of caring: act more than talk
You show me your way of love: unconditionally persistent love
You define your own language of relationship: never let each other down

Yes, you, the birthday boy today :)

May the good Lord bless you with abundant joy and I pray the best for you to be able to achieve of what you want, to be a more caring son and brother to your family, and to stay loving me ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.. Have a great one!

I love you :*

May 11, 2011

Expectation Management

Whew, I feel like a lecturer just by saying this: Expectation Management. The thing is managing our expectation is important, but people tend to ignore it, or simply do not know about it. Why expectation is important? For me, expectation = happiness. Let's say: you want (expect) a pair of expensive Mango shoes, meanwhile you can not afford it, you will be unhappy. This is the time to manage your expectation. I always say to myself, I have a lot of shoes, I want it, but I don't need it.

Another example. I know some people with annoying attitude, irritating even. I see them every day, apparently. I have tried (expect) to change their way of thinking, but I guess some people just don't get it, some people are too blind to see a peaceful living is just as far as doing no harm to others. I have failed to get my happiness by not managing my expectation, because annoying and irritating people exists. My suggestions are tolerate them (because maybe some psychological reasons are behind their attitude), and not getting in touch too much with them. At least it worked out for me.

We live in a free world, with free will, but it doesn't mean to hurt others to get your will. I'll keep it in my mind.

Whew, such a thought, huh. Let's just embrace life.

Anyway on Sunday, me and Calvin went to Gelato Bar, Galaxi Mall to have dinner. Calvin is mad about their creme brulee-cino. I want everyday is as good as Sunday: relaxing. (oops, I just expect something silly :D)

This seafood extravaganza spaghetti is seriously yummy!

Calvin had classic chicken steak

Hot creme brulee-cino and chocolate cookies latte. Sweetness!

I love the mug! (and the person too :P)