Oct 28, 2012

Simple Virtues

I got this picture from Erin Jang. She's been raising money for cancer research through this prints, go to her website for details.

It is titled "Simple Virtues," and I wanted to make something that could sit at my work desk but also hang in my child's room. When I was designing this, I kept going back to the small but important things I want my son Miles to cherish and value. It's not always easy to exercise all these things, to be diligent, to be patient, to be fearless and gracious. But it is something for me (and I hope, for you) to aspire to in work, in life. 

It's so lovely, isn't it?

I really think I will make one of it for my future house

A gift for someone will be nice too.

Oct 27, 2012

Baby Pink

I abused my torch a lot lately. Either I dropped it, or my little niece dropped it (he played my torch and accidentally dropped it T_T). My torch is tortured enough I couldn't stand to change it. And last week C was so nice to get me this special sticker (made by request) to cover all over my torch surface. It even has the matching wallpaper! *happy*

Anyway, today at the office (yes, I work on Saturday, God, it supposed to be a nice long weekend T_T) I wear Dorothy Perkins t-shirt in baby pink, that I loveee so much because it goes along so well with my torch. I can't help to take picture of them :D

Happy (long) weekend! 

Oct 25, 2012

What's Inside My Makeup Pouch

What I usually carry in my makeup pouch basically are some handy items that can be applied quickly. I even sometimes manage to apply my makeup on the way to the office (thank you, dear traffic!). I have my moisturizer and foundation at home, and apply things below in the car >,<.

I got this cute makeup pouch as a free gift from Anna Sui, don't remember the exact years, like couple years ago I think. I love the prints on it! Very cute and represents woman in many style.

What's Inside My Makeup Pouch:
  1. Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer (it's a must, I have oily eyelids)
  2. VOV Eyeshadow in Black
  3. Angle brush
  4. NYX Super Skinny Marker Eyeliner
  5. Shiseido Eyelash Curler
  6. Maybelline Volum Express Mascara
  7. Faceshop Auto Eyebrow
  8. Clinique Full Potential Lips
  9. MAC Studio Careblend Pressed
  10. Body Shop Hand Cream: Soft Hands Kind Hearts (got it by redeeming 25 Body Shop empty bottles *happy*)
  11. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Oct 19, 2012


So finally the meeting is all done yesterday. It went well, however it didn't come as easy as usual. Other team worked over time,10 am to 2 am everyday since last Saturday, even on Sunday. Lucky me, my division had no presentation, so I got home earlier on 11pm. And, of course my parents are here since early month so I really don't want piss my dad off as the previous meeting (which I got home on 1-2am, and my dad won't talk to me like a week). Really wonder why on earth they always come whenever I have to work over time o_O

This is the main dealer business meeting which every semester the Japanese  bosses will come to the main dealer, and main dealer have to prepare a presentation toward our achievement, the anaysis, and the next plan, surely to increase the car sales. I think this time was the smoothest meeting we've ever done. The Japanese bosses were so nice, they even joked around a lot. 

And I am so proud of C, lack of sleep, exhausted mind and body, yet he presented so well. We had the best meeting ever!

I wonder if other brand do such things. How will it be if SKII compared to Clinique, or MAC to MUFE segment by segment? Hehehe, I am so out of topic XD

Just this evening, my boss thanked to all of us, and we are rewarded one day off and he promised to take us a big meal celebration hehehe.. Looking forward, boss B-)

Oct 8, 2012

Life Lately

Been away from blogging like forever, I was a busy bee B-). And these are my life lately:

Got stomachache really bad last week. Apparently because of the 'pentol' (mini meat ball with sauces), some kind of street snack I could not resist (They are just too yummy!). Had been sick on my upper stomach two days, but I kept telling myself that was nothing because it was a come-and-go pain. But on day three, my right stomach was hurt constantly I could not sleep well, I could not walk straight up.

At last I decided to go to the internist. Hans Tandra, one of the best in town. He put me up to blood and urine test, and thank God, the result was all good. He said it was just because of the dirty food. Got the medicines (all free, thanks to my insurance! :D), had porridge and no spicy or soda at all, and I got better in no time. And really have say no to street snacks in a long time. Sigh.

I got this Akebonno lunch warmer to keep my porridge warm, which I bought two years ago, and love it too bits. I just think lunch warmer is a real magic! :D

Oh and I got a huge and pretty 'Man yek', a Chinese tradition to give special package to family and relatives when your baby got one month old, from C's sister. CUTE!

Anyway, my colleague got married in Malang last Saturday, and went there was a good decision. Despite of the hot weather, I had a very relaxing weekend. The food was good and even the traffic was so nice to us. And I got this Body & Soul dress I love so much. The floral prints, the cutting, and the color!