Dec 31, 2015

We Thank You

This post is dedicated to my God, Jesus Christ.

We thank You for Your promise.
We thank You for Your plans.
We thank You for Your perfect timing.
We thank You for Your favors, that I don't deserve it at all.
We thank You for letting us go through ups and downs while always keeping us close to You.

It's only by Your grace.
10.10.15 - our wedding day

Nov 25, 2015

The Cleansing Oil Method using Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Virgin Coconut Oil

I am such a newbie for a skincare game. You know, all I knew just facial wash and eye makeup remover. I used to use random facial wash, and didn't have any particular brands or ingredients to be avoided. I think that was why I had a never ending story with dry and flaky skin, because later I know that SLS ingredients can break my skin badly.

Thank God,  I join Female Daily Forum and read so many information about how to handle dry skin and acknowledged about the oil cleansing method.

Based on wikipedia:
The oil cleansing method, often abbreviated to OCM, is a system for cleaning a human face using oil(s). Sometimes, oils can be mixed; one example is 50% extra virgin olive oil and 50% castor oil. This mixture can be optimized based on skin type and personal preference. Oily skin can make use of a larger proportion of castor oil. Other oils that are commonly used are jojoba oilsweet almond oilcoconut oil, and grapeseed oil.
I also googled and I found this:
When massaged into the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities [pulling out dirt without clogging pores] and allow them to be comfortably rinsed away leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated, explained Dr. Diane Walder, a Miami-based cosmetic dermatologist. So, cleansing oil does not sink into your pores since it works to remove impurities and then gets washed away. - Huffington Post
When I know how a cleansing oil could be a game changer for someone who have dry skin, I thought let's do this!

I decided to go for a very basic oil and have an affordable price: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). It can be found in any supermarket, I bought mine at Ranch Market not more than IDR 100K, I tried Bertolli and Borges both are very effective. Yes, these oils are actually for cooking (mostly for salad), but I swear they are good for the face too!

I use this oil every afternoon before washing my face. Everyday I wear moisturizer - sunscreen - foundation, so this oil helps to cleanse the dirt. A little tips: I refill the oil into a pump bottle for easiness sake. One pump is enough for the whole face. Then I gently massage it on my face except eyes, in a round motion, and leave about 5 minutes before washing my face with my dearly Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser (should make a dedicated post for it, because I swear I LOVE it!). As a result my face is clean without tight stripped feeling and no more dry patches! I think now my face is looking radiant, not dull and more plumped.

Others say you can use extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer, meaning to be used after washing the face. Or you can use EVOO as single cleanser: apply on dry face and wipe it away with warm clothes. I tried both ways, and failed! I saw some redness on my cheeks and I got acne on my forehead! So it's a no for me. I believe every skin has its own character, so get some trial and error. At least if you are not into this oil, you can still use it for cooking, right? Oh, I also use this oil as a hand and body oil. Talking about multi-purpose item! :D


Another oil game for me is a Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Initially I purchased this oil for body oil, because I have dry skin, and allergic to some lotion. But when I applied on my leg, they become itchy. So did on my face, redness appeared on my cheeks. So I gave up, I stopped using it.

After some time, I was looking at Puchh's Instagram. Beauty enthusiast in Indonesia must know her. Stalk her and I bet you'll adore her! In her instagram, she posted about having an interview about her beauty secret (read this) and I know I have to be back using VCO again. This time as an eye makeup remover. And it works!

I put some VCO on my hand, and apply it directly to my eyes, massage it, so all the mascara and eyeliner are gone. And then continue to cleanse the face using EVOO. It feels comfort, no stingy feeling, no blurry eyes (just be careful not to get in the eyes) and it's so effective.

I order mine from Blue Stone Botanicals a Bali based company which using natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils.

All in all, I am so happy with my oils. I really want to try another oils such as Castor Oil and Grape Seed Oil, but as far as I am concern I have better complexion now, and happy with it, so I think it might take some time to try another oils :)

Oct 23, 2015

My Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Moov Production

The photographer of Moov Production is actually my high school friend, Sumitro. When I called him and met him to discuss about having a pre wedding photoshoot with Moov, I knew I made a right decision. He could accommodate our anxiety and desire toward the budget and concept. Because we are not that kind of sweety cutie couple :D

And I am so grateful for having Vania as the other photographer of Moov slash the mood board stylist. She asked about our relationship, our favorite things and hobbies. She quickly answered my every single unnecessary question about the wardrobe and everything else. 

All in all, me and Calvin are very happy with our pre wedding photoshoot with Moov Production.

(Here is the link of my review for them in Bridestory)

Oct 17, 2015

Sangjit Day Red Lippie : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

As a part of Chinese tradition in my family, Sangjit day is an important day for the future bride and groom. Sangjit day usually takes couple days before the marriage. There are a lot of tradition out there, but we go with my family tradition, a simple and a very basic one.

This tradition actually is a groom's time to show an assurance to the bride family that the he will provide the bride's needs. Hence we have a lot of hampers consist of the bride and the grooms daily needs, such as clothes, underwear, shoes, amenities, and makeup.

For this day, I wanted to have a simple and clean Shanghai look. So I bought a red cheongsam and did my own makeup. What I love about my makeup is my cat eye and my red lips! I wore NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam (it's actually a gift from Female Daily, thank you!) and I really loved it!

Aug 10, 2015

On Marriage

On Marriage
You were born together, and together you shall be forever more.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
Yes, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness.
And let the winds of heaven dance between you.
Love one another, but make not a bond of love.
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but each one of you be alone--even as the strings of a lute are alone though the quiver with the same music.
Give your hearts, but not in each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the Cyprus grow not in each other's shadows
Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet

Juice Detox

Mau share cerita juice detox yang gagal hahaha.

Karena tau banyak benefit dari detox, silakan google ya. Kalo aku si mau buat kulit lebih cling dan ga gampang alergian, plus emang kepengen coba dari dulu. Jadi aku coba juice detox, one day cleanse dari Masterr Juice. Kenapa milih Masterr Juice? Karena ada toko nya di TP, jadi terjamin lah ya.

Ini dari brosur Masterr Juice:

One day cleanse ini terdiri dari 6 botol juice dengan berbagai rasa. Di setiap botol ada informasi masing-masing jam konsumsinya. Jam 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, dan terakhir 7 pm.

9 am - jeruk, mangga, lemon, markisa : taste terlalu manissss, cuma enak si
11 am - seledri, mentimun, kale, selada, parsley, bayam : ini satu2nya juice yang warnanya serem, ijo bok, but surprisingly they taste good, ga bikin enek kok, masih edible lah pokonya
1 pm - bit, jambu, jeruk, lemon - taste ok, ga terlalu manis
3 pm - apple, strawberry, coconut - taste ok
5pm - cucumber, lemon, pineapple - taste ok
7pm - almond, dates, sea salt, vanilla, cinnamon - taste ok, but not really like the cinnamon

Baca-baca review sana-sini, katanya kalo newbie detox, mending coba pas hari di mana kegiatan ga banyak, jadi bisa lebih banyak minum air putih dan istirahat. Jadi aku pilih lah hari Minggu. Pemesanan lewat line admin, cukup mudah, tinggal transfer total biaya 180rb tambah ongkir 15rb. Hari Sabtu juice-juice udah sampai di rumah, dan harus disimpan di kulkas yang bagian dalam, untuk menjaga kesegaran juice nya, in case kulkas dibuka tutup mulu. Nah yang aku lupa adalah hari Minggu kemarin ini ada undangan kondangan, jreng. Awalnya si masih keukeh kayaknya kuat lah imanku, minum 6 juice itu doang seharian, namun apa daya....

Minggu, 2/8/15
7.30 am bangun - make up in mama karena ada acara cin ciu
8 am yoga - peregangan otot-otot badan yang udah seminggu ga yoga
8.30 am mandi
9 am anterin ortu ke acara cinciu, trus cus ke Gereja, sebelum turun dari mobil, minum juice 9 am
10 am Gereja
12.30 am kelar Gereja nungguin papa mama sampe rumah, karena mereka yang bawa kunci
1 pm kepala mulai panas
1.30 pm minum juice 11 am - I know, it was way too late, no wonder aku ngerasa kepala panas, kayak darah ga ngalir ke otak, hahahah, salah aku si lupa bawa si juice 11 am, ga kepikiran juga bakal telat sampe rumah)
2 pm jemput mama di salon - ritual pasti kalo ada kondangan, I know, I know, good hair good mood kan ma?
3 pm sampe rumah - makan nasi empal! hahaha empal nya empuk banget, nasi nya cuma makan 1/4 kali, eh 2/3 lah :P
8 pm makan di kondangan! x_x


Senin 3/8/15
Makan pagi dan siang normal
3 pm minum juice 1 pm - karena aku putusin hari ini breakfast dan lunch normal, jadi juice nya dibuat malem aja, pengganti dinner ceritanya, let's see what will happen later :p
6 pm minum juice 7 pm - which is almond milk, taste okay lah, soalnya ada rasa cinnamon jadi kurang suka


Selasa 4/8/15
6 am minum juice 3 pm - taste okay, not too sweet, mayan ganjel perut sampe jam 11 siang
Siang malem makan normal hahaha


Rabu 5/8
Pagi sampe malem makan normal
9 pm minum juice 5 pm -  baru sampe rumah jam segitu. Ceritanya pas mo berangkat kantor pagi lupa bawa juice nya, ya udah jadi dibuat malem pas pulang kantor.
Siangnya sempet ditelpon sama admin Masterr Juice, nanyain feedback (it's great for knowing your customer's review) jadi aku skalian nanya apa boleh juice diminum setelah hari ke 3, kata admin selama warna dan tekstur ga berubah masih boleh dikonsumsi.


All juices taste okay, edible. Ga sempet nimbang si, jadi ga tau apa beneran ngurusin apa ngga. Trus kulit juga so so. Secara rencana detox gagal, jadi ga bisa kasi review lebih jauh. Next time, kalo sikon mendukung, mau coba detox lagi :D

Jun 3, 2015

Lorac Nude Skinny Palette

It's time for Eyeshadow Palette!

Been a fan of Jen Frmheadtotoe since long time, and I tend to buy makeup that she uses. Ha! I am that easy kind of customer. Haha. I bought Tarte blush in Blissful because of Jen. And this time I purchased Lorac Nude Skinny Palette because she mentioned it a lot in her videos! 

What I love the most about this palette of course is the neutral earthy color, that will never go wrong for my skin tone. I can use all the matte and shimmer colors: the soft color for daily basis and the dark one for smokey look. It has good pigmentation and very well blendable. 

And guess what, it comes with very affordable price, purchased it around 200k, so I can forgive for the not so girly or elegant packaging (mine is messy now >,<).

Products that I use to achieve my look today: 
(I used Shu Uemura foundation which was not in the picture because I took it in previous post)

Jun 2, 2015

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb : Fluid Foundation 574 VS Oleo-Pact Foundation 574

Hi hi. I am back with Fotd look using my fave Shu Uemura the lightbulb foundation. Actually I have two different foundations, so I think why not make a comparison look for them both.

The before: bare face

The after

Side by side before after 

Can you guess which one is fluid foundie /oleo-pact foundie?
Difficult question right, because they dont really appear on those pictures.

Who guess it right?

My right side of the face is using fluid foundie, and the left one is using oleo-pact foundie. Believe me, in real life I dont see much difference either.

I love both of them. They cover my redness and acne scar well but not too much. Me is still me. Of course you can achieve more coverage by using more of the product. 

I notice that using oleo-pact is a bit trickier, because of the creamy texture, it tends to cling on my dry patch. So you better moisturize your skin really well before using this.

And I found that the fluid foundation is last longer than oleo-pact. So I think I will repurchase the fluid one. 

Ah one thing, dont forget to wash the sponge regularly!

Counter price:
Shu Uemura the lightbulb fluid foundation 650k for 27ml
Shu Uemura the lightbulb oleo-pact foundation 690k for ..... 10gr! Do your math ;)

May 18, 2015

DIY Kids Superheroes Birthday

My sister asked me a couple weeks ago to help her preparing her son's birthday party. And because my nephew is so mad about Spider Man, Iron Man, and Captain America so she decided to make them the theme of the birthday party.

It was a small party with my nephew's friends and of course their moms, so my sister requested only small superheroes themed decoration table.

The internet and google makes our life easier, right? I've got all the things that we want.

Our decoration table consists of:

  1. Cake and cookies (made by my sister's friend)
  2. Cupcake from Komugi Bakery and cupcake topper
  3. Jelly satay (very easy to make)
  4. Popcorn trumpet (DIY from my sister's friend)
  5. Milks
  6. Balloons (lots of them)

Birthday banner :

Cupcake topper and anything else :

Mar 25, 2015

OOTD : Featuring Longchamp Mariniere in Coral

Hi hi, I am back with OOTD post :)

My fiancee is so sweet, he gave this beautiful Longchamp Mariniere as my birthday gift. I was so surprised because these last two years, we just tell the gift we want from each other, simply because we just want to get real, a gift that the other really want, so no surprise at all. And this year, I told him not to buy me anything because we need to save up for the future. But, surprise, surprise! I love him so so much! <3 p="">
So let me not waste it, by wearing it proudly for my OOTD last Satuday. It's beautiful, isn't it? :")

Top : Executive
Short : Body & Soul
Watch : Fossil
Bag : Longchamp Mariniere
Shoes : Nine West

Happy Midweek!

Mar 18, 2015

Sukin Skincare : Sulphate and Paraben Free

I did mention that I am allergic to Sulphate or SLS and Paraben last time, and I think I have to share my story here. In case anyone is wondering.

This allergic was so nasty, I had itchy and flaky skin, all over the body (except my face, it just dry or red, not itchy, thank God). I applied body butter every time after taking a bath, but the moisture only last 3-4 hours, I hate it, not to mention the sticky yucky feeling. The same thing happened when I apply lotion, the moisture even only lasts about 2 hours.

I tried almost every brand for soap and lotion, from The Body Shop, Sebamed, Loccitane, Bath and Body Works to Origins. Nothing really works. Some even brought me to itchy skin, I have to throw away the product or give it away for my mom or sister (they don't have sensitive skin like me,fyi)

So when I know that I might be have this kind of allergic, I changed my entire body care to Sulphate and Paraben free products. Thanks to Female Daily forum particularly in Organic Skincare thread, I found Sukin.

From their website:
Sukin is proud Australian brand, dedicated to offering the ultimate in natural personal care, free from the myriad of harsh chemicals used in many products on the market today. Sukin products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES),  synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA, or parabens.
My picks are Botanical Body Wash, Purifying Body Scrub, and Hydrating Body Lotion. I purchased them from Been using it religiously since last month, and I significantly see the progress. My skin is not itchy nor flaky (very good point!) instead it's soft and supple. Cam't thank God enough.

Geez, I wish I found it this information earlier. I feel pity for my dry skin because of my ignorance toward the ingredients all of this years. I simply thought that I was born with 'that' kind of skin T_T