Sep 28, 2011

PMS Mission Accomplished

I recently posted so many foods in this blog. I guess I am having a PMS Effect. Yes, besides we woman get high temperament (I have to say to Calvin that I am sorry  for easily getting mad for no particular reason, it's just one week, take it easy, stay alert and calm, and please make me happy :P), we also crave for foods, you can say we get hungry almost every time (It's me! :P).

For me, the spicy and salty food + PMS = happiness! :D

What I had this last two days: Apeng and Sinjay!

Mi Kuah (Noodles Soup) APENG.
Have it with their sliced chillies to make it way more delicious!
Oh and don't forget to try their famous Kwetiau!

Got this from Dealer Meeting today, delivered from Madura!

The Famous Nasi Bebek (Fried Duck with Rice) SINJAY.
The chilly+sliced mango is heaven!

And hereby I declare : my PMS Mission is Accomplished :D

Sep 27, 2011

Bali Best Suckling Pig

How on earth I can say that this is the best of Bali Suckling Pig while I have never tasted it?! T_T poor me. But all my friends who did go to Bali will appoint Ibu Oka as the best Suckling Pig in Bali. Also Calvin said that it was DELICIOUS (yes, with caps lock!). So I definitely gonna stop by there someday and prove it myself. For I love love love spicy and salty foods!

Pictures below are from Calvin (again ^^).

The Famous Ibu Oka

The foreigners love it!


It's called temptation

Sep 26, 2011

Killiney Kopitiam

Hi Monday and another last week of the month! :)

Got some pictures from Killiney Kopitiam (@killineycoffee) at Grand City.

Hot Coffee Tarik and Ice Horlick Tarik.
The coffee was sweet and the horlick made me so full.
Horlick was somehow like cereal and I think it belongs to breakfast :)

French Toast Kaya Butter
Toast + Horlick = Skipping Dinner :D


Actually went to Grand City yesterday to look for a dress at Jessica McClintock, Grand Palace, but too bad nothing suits me :(. But the good news is I just had a phone call with my old friend, had a quick chat, and figured out she is a fashion designer :D. We're gonna meet up this week (so excited!) and hopefully she could remake my old dress.

We ended up watching Rise of The Planet of The Apes (which is I just know today that this is the prequel of Planet of The Apes, I am so yesterday -__-). I think the movie was okay, considering I'm a drama lover :").

Sep 20, 2011

What I've been doing

What I've been doing today: 

Got up very early, around 5.45, and suddenly missed him much, and the thought that I have to survive this day made my stomach produces butterflies T_T. Then I took my morning ritual as always: take a bath, blow dry my hair, but this time without put any make up. The need-to-be-pretty is just gone when he is not here. Uh oh.

What I hate the most is driving alone. So I listened to the radio to make some noise on my way to the office. It's better to put my mind on something else. It was Panda's voice on Prambors, always love her!

Hit the office, I made a good decision to park the car in a spacious place: learn from yesterday. I got trap yesterday, damn, it was difficult to get out of parking lot because the cars on my right and left was too close to mine. I managed to get out until I ask the security officer to give direction. I simply need Calvin for he drives like a pro and he could park the car in every angles mostly in one shot perfectly. Geez! How could he do that!

Did some works today: input the customer database, received a call from one of my customer care officer about a customer complaint, and anything else.

Called and text-ed Calvin for hundred times, shared our story, that was my excitement of the day.

And what I am gonna do after office hour are: get a Korean noodle cup (try it and get addicted to it. Yummy yum!) for dinner and finish the novel: Perfect Chemistry. It's about a couple of high school students who came from very different background and I am positively sure they will fall in love to each other *still read half of it*.

I think I have survived this Day 2 without Calvin so far. Still wish he was here T_T

Sep 19, 2011

Sunday Gateaway

I work six days, Monday to Saturday (yes I work on Saturday T_T). So when Sunday comes, I always feel really grateful, I know God loves us human, for giving us a special day to get some rest, to get away from work actually. Particularly for me, Sunday is the only day I could wake up late, do some yoga, put a face mask treatment or coffee scrubbing, sometimes not to take a bath :P, go to the mall to grab Starbucks with Calvin or to buy things (clothes, grocery or anything), watching movie and TV, reading novels and so on.  Sunday even is the only day I could do nothing, literally.

When I get home in weekdays at 7-8 pm, all I want to do are taking a bath, talking to Calvin on the phone and going to sleep as soon as possible. So yes, Sunday maybe is just another day for you, but to me Sunday is a precious day. Thank goodness!

So this last Sunday, me and Calvin dedicate this day off to look for a formal suit and dress for Calvin's sister wedding. As always, I envy Calvin's way of buying something: look for a good ones, try them on, decide, and purchase it. Zara formal suit is in his hand in no time! As simple as that. Imagine how woman decide purchasing something, it may take a whole day!

On the other hand, I got no luck.. Think I will remake my old dress or rent some dress, considering it is so pricey to buy a new one :S

Then we dropped by in Dante, grab some drinks and snack :D. I love Sunday!

Coffee Cream and Malibu Tea

Dante Platter

Calvin won't take a picture together, so I am being smart here: Photoshop-ing it!

Outfit: Dorothy Perkins Top

Anyway today is my first day working without Calvin T_T. He is away FOUR(!!) days for a business trip. I hate him for not being here. I hate driving alone. I hate getting meal alone. I hate doing anything alone. Hope I will survive the next couple days T_T

Sep 15, 2011

Home Cooking

This is a story of me and Calvin being silly.

Last Monday after office hour, as always, we grabbed some dinner before headed back home. We chose GL 8, a quite famous noodles restaurant, specialty in Cwie Mie. So there was us, around 6.30 pm, parked our car, and got in to the restaurant.

There was a time when we opened the door and talked to each other, "Wow this place has a new design!" (without getting suspicious at all!)

Then we got in. Took a seat. And the waitress came up and gave us the menu.

We read the menu, and... suddenly our eyes met and we were like talking: "OMG! This place is not GL 8!"

We just got a wrong place, and we both did not notice it until we opened the menu. The laughter came, but we managed not to mention it in front of the waitress. Hahaha. I bet the waitress thought that we were some weird customer for just took a seat, read the menu and laughed by no reason X)

After the waitress has gone, our true laughter burst out loud. Hahaha. And we kept wondering why on earth the two of us did not notice our silliness in the very first place!

The restaurant actually was Home Cooking, I ordered Nasi Bakmoy and Calvin ordered Nasi Soto Banjar, both meals were delicious, for our surprise (considering the place was quite empty during dinner time). It feels like we eat at our own home, like mom's cooking, without too much seasoning :D

Sep 9, 2011

Keys of Happiness

It is just another keys of happiness. Bet you have read it almost all time, hahaha. I actually  got it in a Sunday Service in 2009 and wrote it down on a note. Unintentionally yesterday I re-read it and thought it would be nice to share it here. Hopefully it can produce some happiness :)

Kinda hard to do all the things above, but I am trying my best every day.
Anyway, thank God it is Friday! --> It is indeed my happiness :P

Sep 7, 2011

Another Day at Pisa

Another photo taken by Calvin using his Torch and edited in Picsay Galaxy Tab :"). Mind the messy desk, I had some work there :P

Outfit: Zara Top and Pants, Pretty Fit Flat Shoes
Location: Pisa Cafe & Resto

Sep 6, 2011

My Makeup Kit

Actually have nothing to do and I think it is better for me to be productive by posting something useful, hehe.. And.... I am posting my makeup kit here for daily use to office! *eyelashes*

I use:
  1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
  2. Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette 
  3. Missha The Style Face Powder no.2
  4. The Body Shop Define & Lengthen Mascara
  5. The Face Shop Auto Eyebrow no.2
  6. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes (Waterproof Liner Pencil)

I am currently in love with these two items:

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for my dehydrated skin. Actually I won the travel size of this item last month from their twitter account @kiehlsID and been trying it on afterward and it felt so good on my skin. So I decided to buy it last week and love it. It moist my skin almost all day at the office hours, quite oily after 5 hours, but the most important thing is: no pimples attack! Yay! Also it is a perfect match to the loose powder .

Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette. I got this from my best friend Jecklin as a birthday present in 2010 and I love love it so much! It has all the colors I want: black, dark blue, brown, purple, beige, peach, even white! I use the dark blue color almost everyday :D 

Actually I am not such a loyal customer to one particular brand. I have been trying this and that for all the time and still searching the best to suit my dry-oily-with-some-pimples skin. And oh, my friend told me about the BB Cream, yeah, this is the item that almost Korean Celebrity use for their flawless skin, so I think I am gonna give it a try some other time :)

Sep 5, 2011


Just got back to the office from eight days off. It was so refreshing. I feel much alive now :P. Anyway I spent this holiday with Calvin, being a couch potato, did nothing but watched DVDs (Kungfu Panda 2, Wait Till You Get Older, My Name is Khan, and Wimpy Kid 2), talked like hours, we even got a serious conversation about Kim Kardashian family :P, and ordered some delivery service foods. We really had nothing to do, but we had fun. I was grateful because we have our own way to be happy <3. Holiday is not always about doing fancy things or expensive trip but it is about being with someone you love :").

Anyway it was only last Saturday we got out to Sutos to watch Transformer 3 in 3D (perfect timing, the theater was not crowded at all) and we catch to The Light Cup for some drinks before movie.

Almond Coffee

Come. Sip. Be Delighted

Look at their sexy curvy figure :D

Freaky Phase

I am in a phase in my life:
that I could not live without him, 
that all I want in my daily life is just to be with him, 
that I miss him every time when we do not meet, 
that I could spend my every seconds, minutes, hours, days and forever with him. 
I don't know what the exact reason is. 
Maybe the hormones take me too far from sanity. 
O, freaky phase.