Feb 24, 2012


Currently drooling over these very very awesome shoes from Niluh Djelantik. She is an Indonesian who made these adorable shoes from Bali with all the love.

The sita woven

The Almira

Images taken from here

Feb 22, 2012


My brother finally tied the knot! Wish all the blessing and happiness in their marriage, and hopefully they will have a baby soon hehehe..

Dress by Gracia
Make up by Niken Xu
Hair piece by Marshmallow

Feb 17, 2012

Eyes Essential

Just figured out the magic of the beautiful eyes through these items:
  1. Eye Primer
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Mascara
Been using eyeliner and mascara long time ago and always have a harsh time when it comes to be smudges at the end of the day. Friends suggest to get an eye primer, but I didn't have time to buy it until yesterday.

I'm about to buy Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but too bad they are not selling this brand in Indonesia, so then I got Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. Trying it right away this morning, and now (what time is it?) at 4 pm and my eyeliner doesn't smudge AT ALL! Whoaaa! :O *happy*

Oh anyway I've been using pencil eye liner for all of this time (Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil Eyeliner) and kind a curious about Liquid Eyeliner. I give a try to VOV Candy Pen Eyeliner, it's a liquid eyeliner but in shape of very small soft brush (I'd rather say it so, instead of a pen) which is very easy to apply and leave the line in a smooth look. 

I do feel really happy to buy these items. They are my simple happiness heheheh >o<

Feb 15, 2012

Thank God, it's Blogger

Sincerely writing this post to say thank you to Blogger :")

I just happened to know that I could make money from it (Yes, I am really a newbie blogger). I am saying that writing in this blog is basically a way to speak up my mind, to practice my writing skill, and to capture moments, instead I get WAY more than those. I get very updated news from fashion to politics, I get to know some inspiring, funny, creative bloggers, and I get to know events that could bring happiness: free stuff and money! Hehehe..

I still could not believe that I got so lucky to win US $1000 voucher from from last month and this month I won another one.

I am a reader of, yes she writes everything so lovely :") and she once posted about a writing competition of traveling in Indonesia by Adira around November last year. So I quickly enter the competition and wrote about Kelor Island. And last two weeks Adira sent an email, that my post is one of the ADIRA Best 100 Faces of Indonesia.Yay! *grinning endlessly*

Thank God, it's Blogger!

Now I am thinking of buying a pair of Charles & Keith shoes :P

Feb 7, 2012


Whoaaaa! Just found out the new cute fonts from Miss Tiina : every letters has pictures! Changing my header right away. Isn't it cute? :")

Feb 6, 2012

The Drama

When I have nothing to do at the office I'll do blogging. Snap some random pictures or just blab anything and post it up. But, this couple weeks, instead of blogging, I have been watching Secret Garden, the Korean drama series.

I've never been a fan of Korean drama series, but a friend recommends me to watch this, so I think I'll give it a try. And yeah, as expected, the story is a lil bit cheesy and the plot is somehow too slow, comparing to American series (no offense, it's just my point of view) yet I can't help to keep watching it. Hahahahaa. I even think of some scenes before I go to bed! Oh so silly me XD. And I do really think this series succeed to show that Korea has many breath-taking views and oh, they have very very beautiful exterior and interior of almost every buildings in the movies!

Gotta back to work. Have a fun Monday! :)

Random pictures of the week:

Bowl of fries + Brulee-cino + Bazaar = :D (Gelato Bar)

Marc Jacobs Prints

Love it to bits!

Happy cookies from Yanti's Engagement box. Lovely!