Mar 28, 2011

Excited yet Nauseous

Currently having this excited yet nauseous feeling right now. And this feeling has been bugging my mind this couple days. Oh my, I think I have to burst it out, before my head explodes.
I am thinking of selling my second branded items online! 

The things which make me excited are:
  1. I have chance to clear up my wardrobe. Sometimes I do get sick of how many items in my wardrobe (and my sister's). Selling it will be a good idea to clean up my house from the messiness, plus.. I will get some cash :)
  2. Selling it online means it's free and accessible to everyone. Yay!
  3. I think a cloth belongs to a soul, which is in my condition, it's now not belong to me anymore. It used to be my cup of hot tea, but now the 'hot' is just gone. And I believe if anybody likes it, then the clothes suit her, then it got the soul back :D. Ok, you will get dizzy with what I am saying, easy, I think I am too X_X hehehe..

The nauseous part is I am a newbie to this digital thing called online store or online shop or anything. I still don't know how I suppose to start it -__- 

Ah, at least, I got my 2011 resolution now: cleaning up my old-but-still-good wardrobe! :) cheer up!

To let go is to let in.

Wish me luck!

Mar 14, 2011

March Medley

What is a birthday to you? For me birthday is actually another day of my daily-full-of-grateful-life yet having loved ones around me :)

I have Calvin. I have family. I have friends. Thank You Father :)

Got surprised by Calvin at 12 am in the morning! Gosh, I almost hit him! :P Thank you for the unforgettable surprise: the sweetest I've ever had, thank you for the loveliest gift, thank you for the cup cake with heart-shaped flags, and thank you for being with me *kiss*

The birthday surprise series at the office. Thank you so much guys! Anyway, I got a Harvest Blueberry Cheesecake from my sister delivered to the office *hug*

This cute flat shoes are from my Honda mates. Love it and love the card too!

We had birthday dinner at La Rucolla, too bad the steaks are not as good as our expectation. Perhaps La Rucolla steaks are way too Italian, and don't really suit our Indonesian taste. Anyway, the place is homey-cozy, and there were a lot of foreigners!

 We got another dinner another day at kafe Pisa :D  
Outfit: Dorothy Perkins dress

We believe March is the Birthdays Month. We had dinner for Calvin's sister birthday party at Lung Yuan, Sheraton. I thought we were over dressed, but look at us: l o v e l y! *eyelashes* Outfit: Dorothy Perkins dress (again!^^)

Mar 2, 2011

Way to Write

I just checked my hotmail and found this in my draft. Guess I googled and saved it as a reminder to write a good  Application Letter someday. I think I should share it here, before it stinks in my draft email :P. Here it goes:

  • Outline your skills and abilities that relate to the criterion you are addressing.
  • Do not simply address the criterion by saying that you possess the required skills but highlight your skills, experiences and achievements. Describe how you utilise these skills and provide examples.
  • Think broadly and diversely when addressing the criterion. For example: if the criterion relates to an employer seeking a person with good communication skills, think about the different forms of communication (in person, in writing, over the telephone and communicating with persons from different ethnic backgrounds/cultures, language barriers, non verbal communication skills etc).
  • Make sure that your response is clear, succinct and concise. Remember, there is no need to impress by providing an overly complicated response that the employer is will have trouble interpreting.
  • Use positive action words.
  • Ensure that your response to each criterion is no longer than half a page.
  • Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your application.
  • Do a grammar review.
Source: unknown