Nov 11, 2013

In the mood of cooking

I love cooking for my bf because thank God, he is easy, hahaha. I usually cook minched beef with some garlic, chilly, salt and pepper, and it will please him deeply. Easy, right ;)

Last Saturday night when we got nothing to do, we decided to do a grocery. And we found bunch of fresh seashell on the corner, my bf thought it will match the garlic, chilly, salt and pepper recipe. So seashell for dinner. 

I also buy Kerapu fish. So fresh, I can't help not to buy it. Kerapu has a soft texture, so it would be perfect for steam. I googled the recipe, and turned out to be so easy. 

And here are some pictures of my cookings last weekend. 

So in the mood of cooking :D

Fave Place to Take Selfie Pictures

In the car!! :D

It's mostly on my way to the office, when my makeup still fresh, also testing out whether I put the right amount of blush or not >.<
And thanks to morning sunshine that make my makeup looks glowy :P

Nov 9, 2013

Happy Makeup

Once in a month there is a day when you wake up and not feeling well. The time ticks too slow, you even won't get out of the bed, you hate the weather and you hate the traffic. But all gone after you put some makeup. Well, it works for me. 

I had a quite blue feeling since yesterday and 100% sure i'ts only a PMS effect, so keep calm and let's put some makeup. And yes, being pretty makes me happy. Here's my happy makeup (not quite sure what it really means, because I just put some makeup that works best on me :P)

My happy makeup: 
Moisturizer - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (bought the samples and been wearing two days, I think my skin loves it)
Foundation - Make Up For Ever Face & Body (great for dry skin)
Powder - MAC Studio Careblend/Pressed (natural finish, oily gets away)
Blush - Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful (my new fave blush!)
Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner
Mascara - Dolly Wink Volume
Eyeshadow - theBalm Meet Matte Nude
Lips - theBalm Mai Billsbepaid Lipstick (really great for dry and chapped lips) 

Nov 2, 2013

Bali 2013

Holaaaa, so glad to be back again, blogging.
I've just got a pretty busy month. Had marathon meetings and the highlight of October: my best friend was getting married at Bali! :O

She told me a year before (what a preparation!) so we could booked our ticket earlier. And yay me, I got very cheap Garuda Indonesia's ticket, idr 700k round trip. Very good deal, right :))

So the time came eventually, I considered this trip also for a little holiday and best of all I got the chance to meet my old best friends. We had so much fun: catching up each other's story, doing makeup and hairdo together, taking a lot of photos, and even crying when our best friend walked down the isle!

My best friend's wedding probably was the most intimate wedding I've ever attended. All was perfect. The welcome dinner, the holy matrimony, and the reception itself.

Let's start from the place we stayed for three days. My best friend managed to booked a room for us in Mantra Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali just about 3 minutes from Mulia Resort, the wedding reception's place. Mantra hotel was nice, the room was okay with a bed at the balcony, it was quite relaxing, except that Bali was so hot during the time we came, so we prefer to stay inside.They had a beautiful swimming pool (I forget to take a picture, my bad), and they had yummy breakfast!

When we came on Saturday, she invited us to have a welcome dinner at Mantra's restaurant. I could just say that my best friend only want the best for her guests. She served us Naughty Nuri's famous pork ribs to Cold Stone ice cream! *happy tummy*

The next day, all of us went to the holy matrimony. It was such a touching moment. I've never attended any holy matrimony like hers. Beautiful wedding dress, best choir, funniest Priest, and also the very best photographer (ever heard about Axioo?).

And the reception at that night was unforgettable. Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua itself is a stunning place, enough said. Too bad, we arrived there too late, it's too dark to see the magnificent view. But still, we were all in an awe. The dinner was so delicious, I had a foodgasm (hahahah made up my own term). They served: lobster with cheese and mushroom, steaks, nasi bakar with ikan tongkol (grilled rice and tongkol fish with spice), and they even had a sushi and sashimi bar. All was yummy and fresh. I cried a tear >,<

The last day, my friends had their own schedule, so me and my bf decided to take a lunch at Bubba Gump, Kuta before going to the airport for our flight back to Surabaya. Bubba Gump is an interesting place, very retro and playful with a lot of decorations I can't help to take picture of them all. Great place, great food!

Now, it's time take a look of the pictures. 
All good quality pictures were taken by my friend, others are mine :P

And again, happy wedding Arya and Carrine, have a blissful marriage!