Jan 17, 2013

Another Year

Happy New Year 2013! I know it's a bit (or way) too late to say it, but better than nothing right? Hehehe. 

Okay, a little flashback. I spent the new year at home, being a lazy ass, watching movies, and babysitting my niece (just a little, when her mom and dad were away for dinner downstairs, but I really enjoyed it). 

Actually, I always have plan to celebrate New Year or Christmas, I always want to go to Singapore or elsewhere, which the Christmas trees are everywhere around the corner or the streets, which the songs of joy will be heard in every way I go, or which there are too many huge and colorful fireworks in the skies on new year's eve.

But it never happens (yet) because the reality is: I didn't book a ticket to anywhere. I was too lazy to prepare the itinerary. Every time I hit the airline website, I get too excited, I'll click click, but end up not buying anything, always. I found that I always have the excuses: oh the tickets are too pricey, oh I'm not sure if I can go in that day, oh how about the work, oh how about C's schedule and so on. o_O

I have the resolution last year to go travelling in one country in Asia (outside Indonesia of course). Singapore will be okay too, never get bored of it. I love the city, I love the clean-neat freak there and I love shopping there, too many cool stores!

I think I will make it one of my 2013 resolution! (hopefully).

Every year is a good year, no matter what, because it depends on us, because we are the one who responsible to make it a good one.

Dating with Mom

I have an evening date with mom last Sunday. Just the two of us, which make me so happy to spend the quality time only with her :D 

We went to Grand City, because mom wanted to buy some stuff in Maxim counter (she is a reseller of home appliances in my hometown). Before headed to there, we had a coffee time (we both love coffee! So does almost everyone in my family) at my Kopi-O. The butter and kaya bread were so delicious and the kopi tarik was a lil bit too bitter but it's still okay. Mom loved it too. 

And I managed to ask the waitress to take picture of me and mom. Here we are!

Do you see that I and my mom wear fake eyelashes? Hehehe, it's all fake from editing on Photobucket, very easy you just have to pick whatever effect or accessories you want. The picture went so pretty in the end ;;)

What I wore: 
Forever 21 blouse; Body & Soul trouser