Jul 23, 2011

Ice Skating (or Ice Standing?)

I was really excited to know there's an ice skating playground in Surabaya. Not that I am expert on that, simply because I was curious. Don't laugh, I have never played ice skating before *blushing*. So I thought it would be fun (turned out no, I'll explain it later. Hiks).

So last week I finally played ice skating with @lovingyunie @ical_paris @cilpiee at Manulife Cool Zone, Grand City, Surabaya. The event was held by Manulife, you can go on check their website here. Manulife sees the market condition: school holiday moment (May 28 to July 20) and no ice skating place in Surabaya. 

Ice Skating playground

@ical_paris in action

 "So how's the ice skating, Yun?" A friend asked me a day later. "Errrr.. instead of ice skating, I was ice standing!" O_o

Yes, it was sad. I was too afraid to fall that I just stood up. I wasted almost one hundred for standing still :(( 

Afraid to fall. It's human nature.  But by falling you will learn to get up, to try again, not to give up, to conquer your fear, to stand up, chin up, and succeed.

Gosh, I wish I can do it as easy as write it. Sigh. The thing is, I consider too much embarrassment and pain that would happen if I fall. Sigh (again). Wish me luck (and courage) another time!

Jul 20, 2011

Red Paper & Pink Bow

My colleague got married last Sunday and I made this red envelope (kertas ang pao) for them.

I used left over red paper (the size is just perfect!), drew a heart-shaped paper, wrote the wish for the couple, and attached pink bow. Sweet!

Jul 12, 2011

More Than Meets The Eye

January 2010. I talked to myself when my colleague introduced him as a new trainee in my office : This boy seriously need a haircut! He got a long and Korean-singer-like haircut which I hate it so much. I just don't like man with long hair.

We never talk a lot. It was like, umm, we really got nothing to talk to. You know, employee-trainee don't talk much. Hahaha. He said that I tend to create some distance to him (read: arrogant). I really didn't mean it. My division is not related to his training program. So basically we don't need to talk to each other.

June 2010. After he finished his training program,  he got recruited as one of our permanent team. I always think my boss loves him, everybody loves talk to him BUT me (back then). And... we remain quiet.

Until one day at a meeting in August, we start talking: small talks about making a presentation. I recall that day as the strangest day ever, because we were surprised that we actually could talk to each other, we even laughed.

We then figured out that we have a lot in common. Every topic became hot and it went so casual, nothing personal yet serious. And we laughed out loud a lot. He is the funny one (until now). He tells every single topic with his funny gesture or mimic or accent, and yes, I am the one who laugh out in tears! (I am wondering why I laugh so easily every time he makes jokes or do something funny).

December 2010. I think every laughter we spent back then makes us closer. A laughter, to a conversation, to a caring, to a sense of belonging, to afraid feeling of losing each other, to jealousy and to commitment.

I guess when there is a laugh, there is a love. 

Hopefully the funny story, weird jokes and of course the laughter of us will remain forever.

For @lovingyunie

He came to my desk last Saturday morning and said: "Don't you wanna write something on your blog about how we met?" and just slowly walked back to his desk with blushing cheek. I stared at him speechlessly. FYI, he is not sweetie-romantic kind of bf, so yes, I was surprised. Hahaha. And here I am writing about how we first met.

PS: He eventually got his hair short after we dated 2 months. Yay me! :D

Jul 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

Yesterday when I woke up, I was looking for you. You were not in the room. I went downstairs.Oh, there you are. You woke up so early. Busy making breakfast. I called your name, you looked back, then I hugged you. Hugged you tightly, and whispered as I said my prayer: Happy Birthday Mum, may God bless you..

You did not hug back. No response at all.

For second, I thought: what's going wrong here? Oh, my bad. I forget my family do not hug or kiss or do anything sweet and lovely like others do. Hahaha. For god sake it is just a hug and we do not do it. How on earth could that be possible? I don't blame anybody. I know my mum loves me much. It's only a tradition or culture or whatsoever that we-in my family-do not express our feeling physically. Strange, huh?

A hug may mean nothing, but some survey said (I read it somewhere) a hug a day will make you healthier. I'd love to hug and be hugged, to and by anyone I love. I guess I will make it a tradition in my future family. And no worry, I will keep hugging you, mum and dad! :)

Happy birthday Mum.
I love you.
July 10, 2011

Jul 9, 2011

Smile and Pose!

Currently loving this picture so much. Lesson learned: you don't need a professional photographer to get a lovely picture. All you need is a pocket camera with timer and a photo-editor program (Calvin edited this picture in Picsay Galaxy Tab). Don't forget to smile and pose! :)

Outfit: Body & Soul Dress, Etcetera Cardigan

Jul 1, 2011

I Remember

I thank God, as He is good to me. All the time.

I remember being a dorky teenager back then I first touched down at Malang, East Java. I have been too long being a mommy-and-daddy girl at Bajawa (a small town in Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara). I guess my parents sent me away for me to see the world. The world of real life.  The world of modernity: rush and harsh.

I remember I cried a whole first month in my dormitory, phoning and begging my mum and dad to go home. I was in culture shock. I was in without-mum-and-dad shock. I felt terribly alone. I knew nobody there. After a whole month crying without any result, I stopped. I apparently was busy with my class. Kolese Santo Yusup Junior High School has famous credit to their strict rules like you can't pass a day without home works. It was suck. But at last I have to thank them for making my loneliness away. And thank my friends too.

I remember I was being laughed a lot by my weird accent, yes Bajawa accent. Hahaha. I remember I was ashamed when people asked me: 'Why do you talk so weird?' 'Where do you come from?'. I somehow felt humiliated. Being a teenager back then was such a survive experience.

Thank God, I had good grade in my class, not flying colors, but it was OK. I can't imagine what people think of me if I was dorky (a girl with weird accent) and dumb.

But now seeing me, where I am today. I am more than grateful. I accept modernity with humbleness. I accept culture-shock as a way to survive. I accept different people without any judgment.

And now I can proudly answer any questions toward where I do come from. You know, now Flores is such a famous island because of Komodo island becomes a candidate of New 7 Wonders of Nature. It's an international credit for Indonesia. And I did vote them (with all my 4 email accounts!) to be one of  New 7 Wonder through the website here.

From dorky to doughty , I thank God :) :) :)