Mar 28, 2013

Forever Young

Woke up this morning with an excitement seeing my mom's blackberry picture:

It's mom and dad!
I guess the picture was taken in their twenties. 
The more I see it, the more I find I am identically like her 
(except the my big forehead >,<)
Super LOVE!

Mar 26, 2013

Naked Skin Beauty Balm by Urban Decay

I just fall and fall in love with travel size product. It's cheaper of course, but it has other benefit: trying out new product without suffer a lot. If it's good on you, you can purchase the full size one. And if it doesn't you can just give it away without much regrets =P.

I always have a curiosity after make up/ skin care product, but I won't waste out my money for something that I'm not sure suit me the best. So the option is trying the sample/travel size!

Recently I just purchased the sample size of Naked Skin Beauty Balm by Urban Decay (idr 80k) from Mimo, one of the seller in Market Plaza, Female Daily Forum. One you join this forum you will get hooked! And suddenly you feel like trying (or buying) everything! (that's the case of mine >,<)

Anyway before I purchased the product, I did read the reviews (it's a must, ladies!). And it has good review everywhere, one of them I read from Karen :

Naked Skin Beauty Balm is basically a super sheer tinted moisturizer/primer with broad-spectrum SPF 20 and added skin benefits. Beyond its cosmetic powers, it also promises to firm and lift, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, with the help of magic-sounding “optical blurring pigments.”
It comes in just a single shade — a sheer peach — which should suit most skin tones. It also has a minty scent (kinda like toothpaste) and a texture that feels like a thin lotion.

I don't really like heavy foundation so I think this one will suit me. Hence, without hesitate I just purchased it. And..... sadly it turned out coming really dark on me T_T. I got soft skin after applying it, but the coverage was  too light, so I think this product is meant to be a primer.

The good thing, again, because it's a sample size, I just forgive myself XD

Mar 20, 2013

I could have

I am now at home, having nothing to do. 

I could have watched Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. But the 18th episode is missing >,< so I have to wait the complete episodes tomorrow from my friend. Anyway Lee Min Ho is a handsome Korean actor you will fall in love the second you watch him on this series. 

I could have watched tv. But Indonesian tv are all crap in this hour. Either it's horror movie, dangdut show or cheesy comedy. So sorry, no offense, they are just not my cup of coffee. I wish I had tv kabel ._.

I could have read novel, I have the latest Alexandra Potter's. But I lose my appetite on reading. Why o why. I used to love reading in my spare time, but now I am enjoying playing games or watching Korean drama series instead >,<

I could have played Icon Pop Quiz or Logo Quiz on my brother's iPad. But since he is away bringing his iPad, so there is no hope for me T_T. Anyway I found Kang Gary (Running Man cast) on Icon Pop Quiz! He becomes so famous by his square face XD

I could have babysit(ed) Karen, my niece. But she is sleeping soundly now. She's getting bigger and cuter everyday. And the best scene of babysit her, is seeing her smiling :")

I could have talked to C on the phone. But he's not home yet, having meeting at this hour is suck. 

I think I will just close my eyes and day dreaming until I get sleepy XD

Mar 13, 2013

Benefit Bella Bamba

A blush is really a hero for typical Asian pale skin like mine. So I've been searching online what blush can really suit me. I want it to be pinkish and a little shimmery, then I found this famous Benefit blush: Bella Bamba. The package's too cute, right? 

I have a sensitive skin, so the option for me is: buying the travel size! I bought it online on Oh, I love travel size products, especially when you hesitate of buying something expensive and not sure about how the good the product on your skin. 

The first picture is taken from Benefit Cosmetic website. It comes smaller and without brush. You can see the actual color is exactly the same. Gorgeous pink it is :"). It really brighten my look without looking too much. Also it smells really good! Every time I take this blush, I'll take 2-3 seconds to smell the goodness in it :D