Aug 25, 2012

Randomly Me

All drawings in this post are from the talented Jacqueline in her famous tumblr Chibird
I enjoy and adore her drawings so much, and somehow I found that some of them are truly represent me :D

I really can't wake up without alarm in my workdays ><. Every Sunday or holiday, I turn my alarm off and enjoy the  bed as long as I want. I dedicate my Sunday as a doing-nothing-day. So peaceful. Really I thank God for Sundays, but, dear God, I would be much happier if You could make Saturday as a day off too in my office. I know nothing's impossible in You.. O:)

I do, and kinda love it because it sounds prettier ^^ (it's just because I have a real high tone voice in reality ><). 

Couple months ago I think. I've been watching marathon tv series recently: Grey's Anatomy, Jane by Design, and soon final season of Ugly Betty (Yes, I am so left-behind)! Actually I've been reading "It happened in Paris" by Molly Hopkins since couple of months ago, but I got stuck at chapter 4. Is it the book not entertaining or it simply me who get distracted? Hm..

I always want to write neatly, and that is what really turn out at the end. And I did have resolutions every year to have a neat agenda, so I could manage my time well. But, guess what? My agenda was only filled up on early days in the first month! The rest of it was only a bunch of my random scratches ><

It happens all the time. I think it's Calvin's secret mission to get me out of spending-money-of-something (clothes, shoes, makeup, and more clothes)-you-do-not-NEED *raised eyebrow*. Oh, I really wish shopping was easy!

I found this drawing and laughed out loud then looked at my belly... DANGGG I really I NEED to do exercise asap! T_T

Aug 16, 2012

Doing Nothing Days are Coming

Matryoshka doll. Cuteness!

Today is the last day at the office before long holiday, and I think I won't blog any soon, so I wish you happy doing nothing (but watching dvd, hanging out, reading books, or traveling) days! YAY!

Aug 13, 2012


Who can say no to this cute oldies Mini Cooper? Too cute! >o<

*Thanks to C, for taking the picture and 
being with me thru this embarrassing myself thingy. 
Of course he did it, as we agreed that his car will be on the set too =P

Aug 9, 2012

My Chance

This is probably my very first Chanel. Actually bought it last year for my Mom, but turned out she doesn't like the smell, and... it goes to me! Yay! What can I say? I love the smell (indeed, because I was the one who chose it =P). It's flowery fresh but in a soft way. The bottom line is it's not too strong. Somehow I just hate the way some people walk through beside me and the smell of their (overly) strong perfume is all over my nose and gets me a headache.

This is what I found from Chanel web
CHANCE Eau FraĆ®che, a vibrant incarnation of the unexpected fragrance, now takes on a sparkling freshness. The unexpected floral bursts with a lightness and zest as notes of citrus, Water Hyacinth and Jasmine Absolute are highlighted and energized with woody notes of Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver.


Aug 4, 2012

Things I Enjoy The Most

Breakfast and a cup of coffee. I love having bread or sunny side up egg as my breakfast. It's light in my tummy, not too heavy for morning kicks. Some carbs and protein are healthy yet nutritious. Research studies indicate one who have breakfast will perform better at work than the one who does not. And a cup coffee? I like it with some creamer and sugar. It lights up my day. Barely start my day without a cup of coffee.

Beautiful beach and sunset. White sand and a clear water are perfect combination. And don't you have some kind of peaceful feeling deep inside while seeing a scenery of a sunset? There is nothing more to describe it, you just feel it. It comes from within and you are the only one who can feel it. Thrilling.

Being happy. For me, basically there is no secret to be happy. It's just about our mindset toward gratitude. That's when you have something bad, you can whine about it, you can scream it out, but you have to get over it too. Move on quickly and see the bright side of it. And being happy is easy, right? You can find it simply by reading your fave books, wearing comfy clothes or watching kids playing around.

These are things I enjoy the most #becauseitsme. And I'll be loving to get this Sony Vaio E14P in satin pink / rose pink, because they are way too sweet. Just to see them makes me happy :D. Vaio E14P presents distinctive wrap design and are available in a range of attractive colors to suit your personality. They also come with an aye-catching accent colour on the sides, keyboard and touch pad, and include a matching keyboard skin and mouse! Yay!

Source from here

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*Pictures taken from my trip to Labuan Bajo