Jun 8, 2016

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion 23 Medium Beige

So I have been wanting to try cushion foundation like years, because simply I saw too many reviews of cushion out of the internet (Too much spare time >> too much blogwalking >> too much expenses XD).

Anyway I read some good reviews particularly for Korean brands such as Laneige's and Sulwhasoo's. Since I had bad experience with Laneige skincare, so I left my heart only for Sulwhasoo. The reason why I got it just recently is because of the expensive price! Until I saw one of Instagram online shop that sell the refill only in the shade I want and have a good price (or because that day was actually my payday hahaha).

I bought the refill that include the sponge for IDR 195K

Even though it's just a refill, it actually doesn't look cheap at all and the sponge included is very much appreciated. So overall for the price tag IDR 195K, I am pretty satisfied because I can take it as a trial/sample before purchasing a full size. I don't want to spend over IDR 700K for some product that I am not sure will suit my skin.

The first trial was a success. I just fell in love.
  • Perfect coverage. It is enough to cover my redness and acne scar yet my complexion still looks natural
  • Semi matte finish, and a bit healthy glowy skin. The most important thing, it doesn't feel sticky or wet at all. Thank God!
  • Shade 23 is a perfect match for me (fyi I am NC20 in MAC)
  • A little goes a long the way. One push to the cushion is enough for my whole face. 
  • The cushion smells good, I don't really have anything to complaint about
My before after pictures:

The pictures shows it all, right. My complexion is instantly looking brighter and healthier (without any filter). I am in love!

Since I have a sensitive skin, I will try it long enough to see if it breaks me out or not. *fingers crossed*

Updated 21/6

After 4 times trial, I have to give this cushion away to my sister, because it broke me out T_T. I saw red bumps around my cheeks after using it. And the bumps stopped when I stopped using this cushion. My sister reports me she has nothing bad happen to her skin and she appraises this cushion. Lucky her!


  1. refill sama full setnya harganya jauh banget ya yun x_x


    1. Iya betul banget vinnn >,< lucky me ketemu di IG yg jual refillnya

    2. sis apa nama ig yg jual refill nya ?

    3. Halooo. Aku beli dari web kok. Coba google aja: isabel shoppe. Ada ig nya juga, tp aku beli lgsg web nya.

  2. I have tried this one, but couldn't find the right match for my complexion.. Ashy banget jatoh nya di gw :/
    Sayang banget ya bikin break out >.<, untung nemu yg jual refill nya, jd nggak terlalu sakit hati ya xD

    1. Bit tricky si emang shadenya. Orang-orang bilang aku harus pake 21, turns out 23 baru pas. Walopun menurut aku masih agak terlalu putih juga di aku. Rata-rata Korean punya emang bikin ashy ga si?
      Iyaaa, untung beli refill doang, hahaha :D