Oct 27, 2011

Movie and Snacks

Headed to Sutos last Saturday after office to watch Three Musketeers. It was a funny movie, interesting wardrobe, and oh, me and Calvin think Milla Jovovich somehow is not perfect for Milady character. Hmm, is she too old? Or is it her too-much-curly hair? O_o

Anyway, I was excited that day, I found new coffee-time snack to eat beside platter or sandwich: Shanghai Burger!

Look at this Shanghai Spicy Chicken Chinese Burger I found at My Kopi O, Sutos. Delicious! My Kopi O also has a cozy homey place with warm ambience. 

Shanghai Burger is Bakpao Kepit in Chinese :D

Ala Chef: Made this myself, inspired from Master Chef :)

Cozy and homey

Warm ambience

Got another new thing, traditional snack: Tahu Cocol from Tator. Salty and spicy. YUM YUM! Oh anyway, have you tasted their Ice Lemon Tea? The ices in their lemon tea is ices from lemon tea itself! You can sip the rich taste of the lemon tea until the last drop!

Oct 17, 2011

Weekend at Trawas

Spent this weekend at Trawas with all Honda mates, approximately 150 people were there for annual Employee Gathering. Had pretty much fun, ate a lot of meatballs (bakso) and chicken satay, you should try one in front of PCP. YUM YUM.

What I got there:
  • Some nice shots of view at Trawas, too bad I only have pocket camera.
  • Sunburn at my cheek. It becomes itchy now T_T
  • DVD player with speaker as a door prize! Yay!

The clouds cover the mountain

Love the sun shines through the trees

The tall trees

Stayed at Vanda Gardenia Hotel. My room was in the right building.
The room was okay, but the meals was suck.

Oct 14, 2011

Gather and Win

So excited this weekend. My company is going to have an Employee Gathering at Trawas tomorrow, we will stay there until Sunday. It is an annual event, every year all of BOD, Managers, Supervisor and staff could participate for free. There will be games, motivation class and surely a lot of food --> FUN!

The excitement is not only we will have weekend getaway with all the colleagues, forget some routine activities and targets, gain some fresh air, mind and soul refreshment and lot of fun, but we could have a chance to win the door prizes which are two motorcycles, bicycles, flat TVs, rice cookers, microwave and many more! *excited*

The BOD make sure everyone gets the prize. Even though we don't win the door prizes we will at least get 200K IDR shopping voucher. It is great, isn't it? Everything free is great ^^

Last two years I got only 150K IDR shopping voucher, and last year I won Rice Cooker. Everyone surely want to win the motorcycle, but for me flat TV or microwave or bicycle will be just great *finger crossed*.

Wish me luck!

Oct 5, 2011

Interview with a Car Tuner

Some people say car tuning is only a showing off.
Some people say it's a waste of money.
But he says car tuning is an identity.

I finally had a chance to interview with a car tuner (see what actually a car tuning is)

Tell me your early days being a car tuner
I love cars since high school and fortunately my dad bought a Honda Civic in 2004 for me. I tuned this car step by step from 2004 until now. At first I began to change the interior for my own comfort. In 2006 accidentally I met a friend who has an automotive club for car tuning, I joined it and put my self in it. That time I tuned the engine and audio system. I tried the next level in 2009, tuned the exterior: adding a body kit, tail, and changing the rims and other under carriage.

How do you define your style?
I call my style as Sporty Elegant. I designed the body kit myself at the very first place, to make sure everything is as I want. I get the sporty look without too much effort because Honda Civic's originality sporty look. The important thing is I try to tune my car as elegant as possible without getting rid of its safety and function, because I drive it for daily use. 

What does it take to 'build' your dream car?
It takes patient and of course money.  

Tell me more about 'it takes money'
Yes, you have to have some money to tune a car. But you simply can do it step by step. Don't get it rush. And if you buy original ones, you could make money of it in the future. A car tuning could be an investment too. 

Do you still want to tune another car?
Yes, I always want to tune BMW E46.   

What would you say to others who want to be a car tuner?
Safety has to be the priority. Find your own style, because your car is your identity, it defines your personality. And please use the original items. 

Thank you for the interview, honey! :*

I spoke to Calvin, the Car Tuner ;)
He loves his car so much, he even calls it 'her' -____-
The tuned Car: Honda Civic Vt-I 2004



More Details (latest):
Custom body kit
Custom double lip
Custom roof spoiler
Side sein esdepo crystal
Head lamp Autovision Super Yellow
Fog lamp Autovision Super Yellow
Sein Hybridz
Smoked Tail Lights

.:Under Carriage:.
BBS LM 18x8 (fr)
BBS LM 18x9 (rr)
Forceum 205/40/18 (fr)
Achillles  215/40/18 (rr)
Spring Eibach (fr)
Spring custom (rr)
Stopper Mercy
Spacer 4mm (fr)

Remus oval titanium exhaust
Resonance The Scot
Busi Autolite
Open filter + Pipe Simota
Strutbar Drift Tech

Issota catiena steering wheel
Boss kit Hkb sports 2
Shift knob issota mangusta 2
Hand brake issota
Pedal set Razo
OEM Honda silplate
Jok MBtech

.:In Car Entertainment:.
Head unit Avt IM-936T
Power Rockford Fosgate 250.2 pcs
Power monoblok Rockford Fosgate   BD1500.1
Sub Rockford HX2 10'' 2pcs
Tweeter Rockford Fosgate
Speaker Split 6'' Rockford Fosgate
Capasitor Bank Rockford 1farad
Crossover active Panasonic
Digital fuse Mass enginerring
RCA Stinger
Anti storing Magnitude
Bar table custom
Box Audio Custom

It even has a mini bar!

Oct 4, 2011

Floral Background

I always love floral pattern. My outfits mostly are in floral patterns ;;). And this time I'd love them as my blog's background. Fortunately I found June Lily. She made a really beautiful floral backgrounds. It's just a click away and.... it's free! Click here for details.

You can also download her printable Easter, Valentine, and Thank Your Cards. Sweetness! Thanks for sharing :D

The Example