Dec 31, 2012

Say Hello to Baby Karen

Hello, how's your holiday so far? I want to introduce my beautiful niece, Karen. Born on 29 Dec, she is a cute baby, I can staring (literally) at her all day. Look at her round face and pinkish cheeks I want to bite her! Now my parents have another grandchild to play with :D

Dec 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I and C are wishing you all have a very berry merry Christmas! 
Have a joyful one!

Had a Christmas Eve Dinner at Jamoo with family. I wore Body & Soul dress, Marc by Marc Jacob Black Lil Ikuta Satchel, and Sam Edelman Black Evelyn peeptoe. Happy tummy, happy outfit ;;)

Dec 21, 2012

Picnic at Pique Nique

It's another cute place to take a break. Pique Nique. Really I had a hard time realizing that it is Picnic not Piku Niku, hahahaha >v<

I and C went to Grand City last Sunday. C was starving, and we was passing by Pique Nique, and I was falling in love with the place (and the food! Quite pricey but worth it. If you have XL number you'll get 20% discount. Yay!)

Take a look.

The last picture is my new heels from Charles & Keith, which I just bought last month, because the old one was abused enough one and a half year. And this new shoes sucks. Yes, they are pretty but not comfortable at all and hurts like hell :(( I am so going to find another new one (Yay! Oops..)

Anyway, this month is the last month of 2012, it's even only ten days to 2013. Flash back from early year, I can't be more grateful to God, for He is sooooo good to us all this year (and every time always). Many great things happen in this year especially in my relationship and job, and I expect it will be greater the next year!

Dec 8, 2012

December Haul

I'd rather say I am a conventional shopper, but to sit nicely working on a computer with internet connection is a different thing. I am now declare myself as an online shopper. Uh oh. Especially when you are registered to female daily. Big uh oh.

My last purchase online from Mimo Batik had give a me quite a break from shopping online. Then I ran out of eye and make up remover and found on the internet that Lioele's has a good review. And again, I don't really have time to buy in store, so I just order it online from  (Lioele Aroma Waterproof Lip Eye Remover 80ml. Price IDR 89k).

Of course buying only one item from online shop is a waste, because they have delivery charge =P. So I decided to pick one more item which I need (or want?) the most right now: Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner! Hahaha, even though the price is quite expensive (IDR 198k for an eyeliner! What do you think?). But heck yeah, it was just a click away. So order done.

When the package came, I am in love with this Dolly Wink package (by Tsubasa Masuwaka), I even won't to open it up because it's way too cute!

You see other haul are from (I shopped too much! ><) Tresemme Thermal Creation and NYX slide on pencil in Jewel. I picked Tresemme to protect my hair from hairdryer/iron heat. I used to use Kerastase Ciment Thermique this past few years. And (again) by reading Female Daily Forum, some members recommend Tresemme, so I decided to give it a chance. Been using it a week, and not quite see the result. It's good, but I think Kerastase is still the best. The price says itself. And I randomly picked NYX slide on pencil to make my cart into two items =P. Actually wanted to try a jet black, but they don't have it, so I picked Jewel instead. I love the color, it's like maroon with some glittery, but what I like about NYX pencil is it's smooth and easy to apply.

That'd be all for this December. Happy weekend!

Nov 30, 2012

Fighting the Cold

Whenever I get cold, I'll have a sore throat too. Sigh. So these are my equipment:

  • Warm water. This is my number one equipment, because I really hate taking medicine. I feel like taking medicine = taking unknown chemical into my body. I will only take medicine, whenever I get worse. I take warm water as much as I can. I will pee like every hour. But it really helps relieving the cold and sore throat.
  • Actifed, cold and cough syrup. I take this when the sore throat get worse or I couldn't sleep because of coughing. Relieving the throat a lot.
  • Rhinos SR, cold capsule. This is probably my number one flu medicine when I get (way too) runny nose. I get one pill before bed two days in a row (one pill per day, I don't take it in office hour, because I'll be getting high XD), and in day three I'll get better. Works like magic on me. 
  • Nature's health 3in1, food supplement in softgels.  I will take two softgels a day as an early 'medicine' if I indicate a symptom of cold or sore throat. 
The point is when you get cold, you should have sufficient rest (8 to 9 hours sleep) and healthy meals (no fried meals at all or even take porridge for worse sore throat). And if you're not getting better in day four, please see the doctor. I hate doctor as much as I hate taking medicine, but I just realize going to the (good) doctor will be much more efficient, because he/she will give specific prescription to specific symptom. And voila you'll be guaranteed to be healthy in max three days (in my case and C). 

Anyway now C is getting cold too. And to tell you the truth, I think he got infected because of me :( *oops, so sorry, babe*. He's been getting Rhinos SR two days, and a little bit better today. I told him to go to the doctor tomorrow if he doesn't get any healthier. The thing is today is the end of the month, which is the overtime day. Sigh. 

Hope he will survive the day. 

Nov 9, 2012

Think Twice

When I want to buy something unnecessary, I know somehow the universe has a way to encounter me. Let me tell you.

Oct 12, I saw this batik top from Mimo, very simple and looks good (on the model, of course). I always want a not so-batik top for office, so this was a right choice. I asked the admin about the size and based on her, I am size S.  So order done.

Oct 15, the package arrived. It wasn't my first time buying online, but I was still curious about the detail. Although in female daily forum has good review for Mimo quality, I do think I'm a conventional buyer, which touch and try go best whenever buying clothes. Then I have to say, Mimo really have their quality. The fabric is soft (compared to Batik Keris). But... the size is way too big for me.

Oct 16, I emailed Mimo admin, to return the top to size XS. They are based in Surabaya, so it's quite easy to do the exchange things. Thanks to office boy.

Oct 18, I got the XS one. Still, it's too big for me, you can see at the picture above that the arm hole has a big cutting T_T. But I dealt with it. I considered that is the way it is. So I went home, washed it with warm water (as they suggest). The next day, I got shocked. It got discolored! X(

Oct 19, I emailed Mimo, told them the story, and thanks to their good will, they let me change the new one (I believe there's no company who want to exchange the goods if it's already been washed). They said, perhaps it got discolored because of the hot water. I sent my office boy back there again. Discolored problem solved. But how about the size? I still have to alter the top T_T

Nov 3, I finally got the chance to Pasar Atum, which is the only place I know to alter clothes. It was Saturday, and packed with people. The tailor said it will takes 4 or 5 days to be done (in weekdays, they can do the alter just in one day). Dizzy with the crowd, I said yes.

Nov 8, I called them to ask about my top and begged them to deliver it to my office. They said okay as long as I want to pay delivery charge. I really have no willing to back to Atum any sooner. I just said yes. Altered top done. Then I got home, washed it with cool water using shampoo (got the advice from my boss, who wears batik every day).

Nov 9, here I am wearing my Mimo Kartini Beige. It's almost a month. Whew! The thing is I'm not quite sure if I like it, this top gets rumpled easily I think o_O

Total expense:
Mimo Kartini Beige : IDR 270
Delivery charge: IDR 9,5
Office boy tip (twice): IDR 20
Alter charge: IDR 35
Delivery charge : IDR 15
Total: IDR 349,5 (!!)

Really this experience makes me think twice to buy online again.

Latest Update 14 Dec:
The batik got discolored again! Arghhhhh!

Oct 28, 2012

Simple Virtues

I got this picture from Erin Jang. She's been raising money for cancer research through this prints, go to her website for details.

It is titled "Simple Virtues," and I wanted to make something that could sit at my work desk but also hang in my child's room. When I was designing this, I kept going back to the small but important things I want my son Miles to cherish and value. It's not always easy to exercise all these things, to be diligent, to be patient, to be fearless and gracious. But it is something for me (and I hope, for you) to aspire to in work, in life. 

It's so lovely, isn't it?

I really think I will make one of it for my future house

A gift for someone will be nice too.

Oct 27, 2012

Baby Pink

I abused my torch a lot lately. Either I dropped it, or my little niece dropped it (he played my torch and accidentally dropped it T_T). My torch is tortured enough I couldn't stand to change it. And last week C was so nice to get me this special sticker (made by request) to cover all over my torch surface. It even has the matching wallpaper! *happy*

Anyway, today at the office (yes, I work on Saturday, God, it supposed to be a nice long weekend T_T) I wear Dorothy Perkins t-shirt in baby pink, that I loveee so much because it goes along so well with my torch. I can't help to take picture of them :D

Happy (long) weekend! 

Oct 25, 2012

What's Inside My Makeup Pouch

What I usually carry in my makeup pouch basically are some handy items that can be applied quickly. I even sometimes manage to apply my makeup on the way to the office (thank you, dear traffic!). I have my moisturizer and foundation at home, and apply things below in the car >,<.

I got this cute makeup pouch as a free gift from Anna Sui, don't remember the exact years, like couple years ago I think. I love the prints on it! Very cute and represents woman in many style.

What's Inside My Makeup Pouch:
  1. Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer (it's a must, I have oily eyelids)
  2. VOV Eyeshadow in Black
  3. Angle brush
  4. NYX Super Skinny Marker Eyeliner
  5. Shiseido Eyelash Curler
  6. Maybelline Volum Express Mascara
  7. Faceshop Auto Eyebrow
  8. Clinique Full Potential Lips
  9. MAC Studio Careblend Pressed
  10. Body Shop Hand Cream: Soft Hands Kind Hearts (got it by redeeming 25 Body Shop empty bottles *happy*)
  11. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Oct 19, 2012


So finally the meeting is all done yesterday. It went well, however it didn't come as easy as usual. Other team worked over time,10 am to 2 am everyday since last Saturday, even on Sunday. Lucky me, my division had no presentation, so I got home earlier on 11pm. And, of course my parents are here since early month so I really don't want piss my dad off as the previous meeting (which I got home on 1-2am, and my dad won't talk to me like a week). Really wonder why on earth they always come whenever I have to work over time o_O

This is the main dealer business meeting which every semester the Japanese  bosses will come to the main dealer, and main dealer have to prepare a presentation toward our achievement, the anaysis, and the next plan, surely to increase the car sales. I think this time was the smoothest meeting we've ever done. The Japanese bosses were so nice, they even joked around a lot. 

And I am so proud of C, lack of sleep, exhausted mind and body, yet he presented so well. We had the best meeting ever!

I wonder if other brand do such things. How will it be if SKII compared to Clinique, or MAC to MUFE segment by segment? Hehehe, I am so out of topic XD

Just this evening, my boss thanked to all of us, and we are rewarded one day off and he promised to take us a big meal celebration hehehe.. Looking forward, boss B-)

Oct 8, 2012

Life Lately

Been away from blogging like forever, I was a busy bee B-). And these are my life lately:

Got stomachache really bad last week. Apparently because of the 'pentol' (mini meat ball with sauces), some kind of street snack I could not resist (They are just too yummy!). Had been sick on my upper stomach two days, but I kept telling myself that was nothing because it was a come-and-go pain. But on day three, my right stomach was hurt constantly I could not sleep well, I could not walk straight up.

At last I decided to go to the internist. Hans Tandra, one of the best in town. He put me up to blood and urine test, and thank God, the result was all good. He said it was just because of the dirty food. Got the medicines (all free, thanks to my insurance! :D), had porridge and no spicy or soda at all, and I got better in no time. And really have say no to street snacks in a long time. Sigh.

I got this Akebonno lunch warmer to keep my porridge warm, which I bought two years ago, and love it too bits. I just think lunch warmer is a real magic! :D

Oh and I got a huge and pretty 'Man yek', a Chinese tradition to give special package to family and relatives when your baby got one month old, from C's sister. CUTE!

Anyway, my colleague got married in Malang last Saturday, and went there was a good decision. Despite of the hot weather, I had a very relaxing weekend. The food was good and even the traffic was so nice to us. And I got this Body & Soul dress I love so much. The floral prints, the cutting, and the color!

Sep 14, 2012

Ugly Betty (No More!)

Okay, I might be a little (or way) too late, because I know Ugly Betty had ended in the year of 2010. But yeah, I just managed to catch the full episodes week ago. And I am so excited to know that in the end Betty is still Betty, the cheerful, optimistic, smart, curvy and chubby person. 

In 2006, when I first saw it, I was so curious of how Betty will become in the end. Will she be skinny, pretty, rich, or dating Daniel Meade? Thank God, Betty remains the same, speaking of personality. But she managed to change a little of her looks, which make me love her more. Indeed, America Ferrera is so beautiful :")

These photos from various episodes will tell you:

Having enough of way 'too much' color, thick blunt bangs and nerd glasses, here are Betty with new style. Nice clothes (finally!), side swept bangs, thinner frame glasses and surely NO BRACES! Yay!

And this is America in real life. Pretty!

Photos are from and

Aug 25, 2012

Randomly Me

All drawings in this post are from the talented Jacqueline in her famous tumblr Chibird
I enjoy and adore her drawings so much, and somehow I found that some of them are truly represent me :D

I really can't wake up without alarm in my workdays ><. Every Sunday or holiday, I turn my alarm off and enjoy the  bed as long as I want. I dedicate my Sunday as a doing-nothing-day. So peaceful. Really I thank God for Sundays, but, dear God, I would be much happier if You could make Saturday as a day off too in my office. I know nothing's impossible in You.. O:)

I do, and kinda love it because it sounds prettier ^^ (it's just because I have a real high tone voice in reality ><). 

Couple months ago I think. I've been watching marathon tv series recently: Grey's Anatomy, Jane by Design, and soon final season of Ugly Betty (Yes, I am so left-behind)! Actually I've been reading "It happened in Paris" by Molly Hopkins since couple of months ago, but I got stuck at chapter 4. Is it the book not entertaining or it simply me who get distracted? Hm..

I always want to write neatly, and that is what really turn out at the end. And I did have resolutions every year to have a neat agenda, so I could manage my time well. But, guess what? My agenda was only filled up on early days in the first month! The rest of it was only a bunch of my random scratches ><

It happens all the time. I think it's Calvin's secret mission to get me out of spending-money-of-something (clothes, shoes, makeup, and more clothes)-you-do-not-NEED *raised eyebrow*. Oh, I really wish shopping was easy!

I found this drawing and laughed out loud then looked at my belly... DANGGG I really I NEED to do exercise asap! T_T

Aug 16, 2012

Doing Nothing Days are Coming

Matryoshka doll. Cuteness!

Today is the last day at the office before long holiday, and I think I won't blog any soon, so I wish you happy doing nothing (but watching dvd, hanging out, reading books, or traveling) days! YAY!

Aug 13, 2012


Who can say no to this cute oldies Mini Cooper? Too cute! >o<

*Thanks to C, for taking the picture and 
being with me thru this embarrassing myself thingy. 
Of course he did it, as we agreed that his car will be on the set too =P

Aug 9, 2012

My Chance

This is probably my very first Chanel. Actually bought it last year for my Mom, but turned out she doesn't like the smell, and... it goes to me! Yay! What can I say? I love the smell (indeed, because I was the one who chose it =P). It's flowery fresh but in a soft way. The bottom line is it's not too strong. Somehow I just hate the way some people walk through beside me and the smell of their (overly) strong perfume is all over my nose and gets me a headache.

This is what I found from Chanel web
CHANCE Eau FraĆ®che, a vibrant incarnation of the unexpected fragrance, now takes on a sparkling freshness. The unexpected floral bursts with a lightness and zest as notes of citrus, Water Hyacinth and Jasmine Absolute are highlighted and energized with woody notes of Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver.


Aug 4, 2012

Things I Enjoy The Most

Breakfast and a cup of coffee. I love having bread or sunny side up egg as my breakfast. It's light in my tummy, not too heavy for morning kicks. Some carbs and protein are healthy yet nutritious. Research studies indicate one who have breakfast will perform better at work than the one who does not. And a cup coffee? I like it with some creamer and sugar. It lights up my day. Barely start my day without a cup of coffee.

Beautiful beach and sunset. White sand and a clear water are perfect combination. And don't you have some kind of peaceful feeling deep inside while seeing a scenery of a sunset? There is nothing more to describe it, you just feel it. It comes from within and you are the only one who can feel it. Thrilling.

Being happy. For me, basically there is no secret to be happy. It's just about our mindset toward gratitude. That's when you have something bad, you can whine about it, you can scream it out, but you have to get over it too. Move on quickly and see the bright side of it. And being happy is easy, right? You can find it simply by reading your fave books, wearing comfy clothes or watching kids playing around.

These are things I enjoy the most #becauseitsme. And I'll be loving to get this Sony Vaio E14P in satin pink / rose pink, because they are way too sweet. Just to see them makes me happy :D. Vaio E14P presents distinctive wrap design and are available in a range of attractive colors to suit your personality. They also come with an aye-catching accent colour on the sides, keyboard and touch pad, and include a matching keyboard skin and mouse! Yay!

Source from here

Do join a competition presented by Sony Indonesia and Female Daily. Pick up you personality based on the colors of their new Laptop Sony Vaio E14P, blog and tweet it. See details here.

*Pictures taken from my trip to Labuan Bajo

Jul 28, 2012


When I found this red flower printed dress at Forever 21, I just know how to do it. Keep the playful pattern 'cool' by adding some neutral color. I got this TRF flats and clutch in grey color, simply fun! 

* Yes, this is what I do when working on Saturday =P

Jul 27, 2012

Jane by Design

Currently loving to watch Jane by Design, a new series on Star World. I found the trailer was really interesting: full of beautiful clothes and shoes! All of you who heart fashion must be love it to bits. I just finished watching episode 5 and can't wait for the next episodes! 

Love Don't Cost a Thing?

Love don't cost a thing? Oh boy, it costs a lot of money apparently!
Find it somewhere on the internet and I think it's kinda funny to share :D


Jul 19, 2012

Two and a Half Hours

Last Monday I had a meeting in Jakarta. 10 to 12. And my flight back here was on 17.45, so I decided to go to Grand Indonesia to shop some stuff :D

These are what I got in two and a half hours. I want more time! >,<

  1. TRF Zara flats - love the color! (It reminds me of Honda CR-V in Urban Titanium Metallic =P)
  2. Forever 21 dress + belt - flower prints are too cute
  3. MAC mineralize foundation/loose (Finally! MAC, Y U NO open here?)
  4. NYX super skinny marker (looks really like a marker) and the eye & lip makeup remover (I used to pick Maybelline or Revlon and it was annoying because I have to swipe it back and forth too many times, somehow it hurts my eyes. Hopefully this NYX will work on me)

Miscellaneous notes from trip to Jakarta:
  • Do a web check in on Lion Air website a day before your departure, it is really helpful, you can pick a seat too, and it's free! 
  • How about the airport tax? Considering the very hectic and crowd and long queue in Juanda Airport, just head to Lion Air counter, their nice staff will be pleased to assist you (If you give the staff 50 for the fee 40 and he comes with "Uhm, so sorry, I have no exchange", here's the suggestion: just let it go)
  • Citilink by Garuda Indonesia? Never expect too much. No web check in. But you could pick a seat in advance for 25, pay in their counter (if you want it free, you could pick it when you check in, which will be too late). No gambling. I always want to be in front seat, so I won't be trapped in the crowd. 
  • Taxi at Jakarta? Pick Blue Bird or Taxiku, or moreover Silver Bird (you get Mercedes with mostly a very kind and polite driver, but yeah, there is a price for it)

Jul 11, 2012

Beef Mince with Egg

Made this beef mince with egg last Sunday for my lunch. Very easy to made as well as very affordable ingredients. It was only 13,000 rupiah for an ounce of Ranch Market fresh beef mince! Cooked it with egg and garlic which are very healthy and nutritious.

Jul 10, 2012

Writing about Mom

Mom, the one and only. 

I remember when I was a little girl, I accompanied her walking to our store every morning sharing the same umbrella, covering the shiny sun, and went back home at the evening, hugging or holding each other hand, because of the very cold weather (it could be up to10 degree Celsius!).

I remember mom once said to go to other store to just ask about the price of something, but I insisted mom, that it would be easier just to call the store. In the end, mom won of course, plus she gave me a lecture about how worth 100 rupiah is to be spent on the phone bill.

I remember I begged mom to sell candies at school and she approved with one term, only selling it after school. This was probably my very first job: a salesperson! 

I remember running to my mom's store after school just to tell her that one of my kindergarten mate threw a stone over my face. It caused a little bleeding (Now I remember why I got a scar on my upper eyebrow), and I was crying like a crazy. Definitely my mom did the right thing afterward. Called that boy's mom and told the whole story (Yes it's a very small town, we know each other well: names, addresses, also phone numbers). And yup, the boy's mom came to apologize, said sorry to me and mom. So I stopped crying, felt a little bit uneasy and embarrassed, because the pain was long gone, before she came. Hehehe..

I remember when my school had an annual parade, which every one should dress up as told, I got the priest costume (in my town they were mostly Catholic, I was like the only Christian in my class). So I told mom to sew me an exact costume like my priest at the church. Mom took me to the tailor and figured out, that the fabric was so expensive than she thought. But I got it eventually, exactly like I wanted. And guess what? I ended to be more like a judge than a priest. Hehehe. Later on, I knew that mom at that time actually had a hard time financially, but she managed to get everything her children needs. I felt guilty. 

I remember my first fave game is (until now) : the crossword! Every time we had a spare time in our store we filled in the crossword together. Trying to fill all the white squared fully. And my fave book? Bobo!! The all time kids favorite magazine! Mom bought it for us (me and my siblings) so we can learn about words, pictures, and others. My reading habit began at that time. 

When I get older, I am maybe a little bit away from her (and dad), living alone, separated by islands, but we keep in touch by phone frequently. I maybe do not have a full time with her if she comes visiting here, but she always in my heart (sounds cliche but it's the truth). She is now learning to use blackberry, and it is really helpful, because we could share our daily story or picture as much as we want. And the interesting part is she keeps asking the same question over and over again, like "How do I copy and paste this number again?", "Oh I forget how to create a new contact!", and other thing. I will mock her and we will laugh together loudly because of her silliness hahaha.. 

Now that I have a job and sort of stand on my own feet, she still doesn't want to receive my money. Every time I call her, she will keep it quick and short because she is afraid of the phone bill -_-. She always tell me to keep my money for my own and she (and Dad) will not 'touch' it.

As today is her birthday, I pray to God to keep her safe and sound, to be happy and cheerful as always, to have the strength to support Dad no matter what, to have healthiness to see a lot of grand kids in the future, and to have a heart of youngster always. I love you, Mom.

Jul 2, 2012

Homemade Sunday Brunch

I always  always always love buffet breakfast at a hotel. And my faves are always go to either eggs or bacon or sausages! If I stay in a hotel, the breakfast is a must. But to only come into a hotel having breakfast is definitely a wasting of time and money right? Hence, I decided to make my own! Here were my Sunday brunch:

It seemed like kinda mess but believe me it tastes good!

Do you notice the receipt above? Yup, it was really cheap apparently. So I was so happy having that breakfast ala hotel effortlessly :D