Jun 25, 2011

Sweeter than Ever

I know I always have a heart to a cute card design. It feels good to me just to look into a beautiful wedding invitation or birthday/anniversary cards in a stationery store. I remember when I was graduated from university, I want to go to design course, anything in designing cards or something like that. But unfortunately, the plan was off by no reason, hahaha.

So here I am posting my excitement by making cute card for my bf, it is especially made for our six months being together as a couple today. The theme is about sweets, because my days are way sweeter with him *blushing*. Anyway, I made the card from left-over papers and bows and so on. I do not buy things at all, just use anything around me. You see, I re-use! Hail to green earth! :D :D :D

Happy six months! *hug*

Jun 14, 2011

Running Man Birthday Card

Yesterday I made a birthday card for a birthday girl Sylvi, one of my Honda mate. She is mad about Running Man, a South Korean variety show, so we decided to make a card about it. You guys want some refreshing and a big out laugh should watch it.  Although, I did not make it good, just cut up and glued, it turned out OK. Really should make it good next time :D

Watch it, Love it!

Original picture of Running Man casts, downloaded from google

Jean gave some photo-shop (Ji-hyo is out and Sylvi is in :D) and I did the cut and so on

Our wishes to Sylvi. Can you guess what is it standing for?

Hahaha. It's my wish for Sylvi. MAYDCT is an easy one :P

Bet Sylvi (and you, perhaps) does not know what it is X)

Have a Very Happy Birthday Syl!

Jun 8, 2011

Wagyu & Wine

Today my boss asked us to have a lunch with Board of Directors as a compliment of our good presentation last week. He treated each of us a Wagyu Steak. A juicy and a huge one. And because my boss do love fancy dining, he treated us a glass of wine too. I was so full and red (can't handle the alcohol).

Meat Shop & Gourmet located at Darmo Permai Selatan I No. 93

Juicy Wagyu. Yum yum!

Love the painting and ornaments there

Jun 6, 2011

Smile of the Day

Seeing a cute kid has never failed me to smile. Meet Michi, my cousin's daughter. Cute!

My cousin sent me a bbm picture of Michi wearing my gifted shirt  :)

Who doesn't fall for her?