Apr 17, 2010

not-quite-productive-day to work

It's Saturday. Thank God. But, here I am, on my desk, working.
They say it's a half working day, but actually it's 3/4 working day, since from Monday to Friday we work 8 hours, and Saturday 6 hours.
They say it's a perfect day to have coordination meeting to each division, since in the other 5 days we don't have time to talk to each other.
They say it's time to show off, since we are allowed to wear anything on in this day instead of wearing uniform (that's why today I'm late for work, confused choosing the clothes to wear on ).
But I say, it's not quite productive day to work, since everyone is buzzing around happily, and where is the place we're going to in this Saturday night is all in our mind :D