Dec 31, 2011

Hello 2012!

Hello 2012! Happy New Year every one!
Spent the New Year's eve with Calvin and his family: had dinner, some crazy photo shoot and warm chat then headed back home and off to bed on 11. Hehehe. God is soooo good, and I am so thankful that He never ever leaves us alone :)

For me the Dec 31st and Jan 1st were just another weekend. Hahaha. Every day is a good day anyway, isn't it?

I'd say 2011 was a breakthrough year and many excitements happen:
:: spent (almost) 365 days with Calvin for almost 12 hours everyday without getting bored
:: traveled to Singapore and had much much fun
:: finally switched to Torch, after 3 years using old Bold
:: been praying (almost) every night before bed
:: been reading the bible again after a long long break
:: been blogging more and getting inspired from other blogger
and many more.. The thing is, all the good or bad ones, I know God allows me to pass it and He has His will on me. So be it.

What's next in 2012? Hmm.. I see something big is coming. God speed!

Dec 25, 2011

Anniversary Notes

I was crying reading his anniversary notes to me last night at 12am sharp. Happy tears of course. It was sweet, it was true, and I know he meant it.

He's never missed sending monthly anniversary notes, every month, always at 12 am, just to say his wishes, thoughts, lesson-learned, and some silly jokes about us.

I know, behind his careless attitude towards love-thingy, he is a sweet and loving person actually :")

And hey you, yes you, I thank God for having you, I thank God for making us capable to pass this one full year together. Through the good or bad days, through our best or worst.

You know what? I can't stop laughing whenever I see you fall a sleep at the office with mouth open (HAHA), and I always love your silly gesture when imitating someone or dancing along the music with your silliest way. I sometimes think you have to go to acting class. You have the 'move' B-)

And (ehem) I know you will still want kiss my forehead, even though I have big one with pimples on it or even though I have pale bare-face without make up in the morning :")

The thing is appearance is no longer the priority in serious relationship.

Sometimes there were fights and those moments were awful, but we stick together. And our happy moments were WAY too many and joyful. We laugh a lot. I even laugh a lot more since I have you.

But mostly I thank God for making us a better person not for each other, but for ourselves.

May God bless us, bless our goals too: being together no matter what, being an entrepreneur, and being a better person for our own sake, for our family and our surrounding.

I can't say anything else, I know you know how I feel.
Grateful having you *hug*
Love you!

Dec 22, 2011

Cruising Christmas

Always love it when Christmas comes. The occasion perfectly comes along with the rainy and cold days. Hence, we need something warm, something like being together with our beloved ones: lover, friends and family. And my Christmas this year would be a special one, because I would spending it with Calvin and his family. They're gonna have lunch with whole family and do gift swapping this 25th.

So we got to Ace Hardware last night and these are what we've got for gift swapping:

A mug porcelain for Calvin and a soap dispenser for me. Cuteness!

Been using some leftover Christmas paper and red+green bows

When red meets green <3

Dec 19, 2011

Ken and Barbie

Spent Sunday afternoon watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (always a fan of Ethan Hunt <3 ) and dropped by to Goota to have some snacks and ice cream (try their Taro Gelato! YUM!)

Had this weird yet funny conversation with Calvin:

C    : If I have any kids I will name them... Hm.. If it's a boy: Ken
Me  : It's a good one! And if it's a girl...
C    : Barbie!
Me  : -_____- (seriously!)

C    : I will name my future kid, if it's a boy: Bro
Me : Ha? What kind of name is that?
C   : And if it's a girl I will name her: Sis
Me: Oh my! *fainting*

 I wore: F21 dress

Dec 6, 2011

Play It Up

Whoa! I am so excited reading Ms.Glitzy giveaway post. Take a look there and have fun playing with your own Christmas outfit in And surely stand a chance to win the US$1000 shopping voucher! :D

Here are my choices:

1. DKNY Black Sleeveless V Neck Jumpsuit
2. Anya Hindmarch Red Valorie Evening Clutch
3. Kors Michael Kors Crimson Malden Pointed Contrast Court
4. Kenneth Jay Lane Warrior Necklace
5. Kenneth Jay Lane Triple Stretch Bangle