Jun 30, 2014

Chanel Lipstick: Rouge Allure Surprenante 129 (+ random chats)

Sooo, before this month ends, shall I write something?

I want to at least write one post in my blog every month (remembering one of resolution is to write regularly on this blog), so I searched my photo gallery and found old photo of me using this Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure Surprenante 129.

Beside the texture which is so drying on my lips, chapped lips everywhere (yucks), the color is so beautiful. It instantly make me look more feminine. I combine it with Tarte Blissful (the one that Jen Frmheadtotoe uses the most on her youtube!) blush, and they look perfectly match. Love!

This is my look:


Here we have fasting month and the election. I hope everything will run just fine and peacefully. Been seeing too many harsh comments to both of the Presidents Candidates. People point of view may be vary between them, but actually we need the same thing, right? We all need a peaceful country to live in. So I really hope the election will go well.

And I really want to thank God, for our house dealing has been done so smoothly. We are so grateful, we can't thank Him enough for everything. The great feeling, when we first stepped in to our own house, the one we call 'home' was so satisfying :")

Still, we need to renovate this and that, but we decided we will enjoy every moment of it, one step at a time. Keep in faith, that everything will be done in His name.

Now in spare time, I browse more interior design webs. You probably want to check them out: ; ;

Till the next post!