Oct 23, 2015

My Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Moov Production

The photographer of Moov Production is actually my high school friend, Sumitro. When I called him and met him to discuss about having a pre wedding photoshoot with Moov, I knew I made a right decision. He could accommodate our anxiety and desire toward the budget and concept. Because we are not that kind of sweety cutie couple :D

And I am so grateful for having Vania as the other photographer of Moov slash the mood board stylist. She asked about our relationship, our favorite things and hobbies. She quickly answered my every single unnecessary question about the wardrobe and everything else. 

All in all, me and Calvin are very happy with our pre wedding photoshoot with Moov Production.

(Here is the link of my review for them in Bridestory)

Oct 17, 2015

Sangjit Day Red Lippie : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

As a part of Chinese tradition in my family, Sangjit day is an important day for the future bride and groom. Sangjit day usually takes couple days before the marriage. There are a lot of tradition out there, but we go with my family tradition, a simple and a very basic one.

This tradition actually is a groom's time to show an assurance to the bride family that the he will provide the bride's needs. Hence we have a lot of hampers consist of the bride and the grooms daily needs, such as clothes, underwear, shoes, amenities, and makeup.

For this day, I wanted to have a simple and clean Shanghai look. So I bought a red cheongsam and did my own makeup. What I love about my makeup is my cat eye and my red lips! I wore NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam (it's actually a gift from Female Daily, thank you!) and I really loved it!