Feb 23, 2011

Simple Happiness

(Hahahaha, laughing out loud inside the car, on our way to Grand City Mall, Surabaya)

Me: "How simple is happiness for us..."
Him: "The difficult part is at the beginning.."
Me: "Hmm? What do you mean???"
Him: "The difficult part is at the beginning... Looking for someone to make you happy"
Me:  *speechless*

Feb 17, 2011

He Draws

He marked his bday date on my calendar!

"Mr. Bean"

'I can do magic!'

My nose?

I think this that girl looks more like Pucca the animation

Alert, alert!

Feb 16, 2011

Never let each other down

So, what were you doing on Feb 14? Mine was having a tiny candle light home-made-dinner at my home balcony. And yes, i was cooking! And the most important thing is: it was edible! No one was poisoned. Hahaha.

I also made a koala card for him. Why koala? Because koala always hugs tree like they never let each other down ;;) 

Stuffs to make the koala card: unused paper bag (I picked mama & Leon), scissor, pencil, and sewing kit.

I cut the paper, took off the bow and drew a heart-shaped pattern on the paper

Made a heart-shaped card sewn by hand through the pattern

TARAA! It was so simple to make it! B-)

At last, put the bow onto the card :D

Swing it on!

The very first dinner I've ever made: Sausage Fried Rice. The very first candle light dinner with him at home balcony :) :) :)