Sep 12, 2013

Everyday Eyeliner Makeup

Thank God it's Thursday! :D

Today I want to share my everyday eyeliner makeup.
I took the pictures on my way to the office this morning (while in a traffic, of course).

I use my favorite of all time liquid eyeliner by Dolly Wink.
I tried Bobbi Brown famous long wear gel eyeliner, but too bad, it smudges on me badly. I also tried MUFE and Rimmel pencil eyeliner, but both are disappointing.

So I always come back to Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. The texture, the staying power, all is so great, I can't ask for more. 

And here's the way I draw my eyeliner everyday:

Thank God for eyeliners!

Sep 9, 2013

Dollywink Lashes

One of the tiniest thing that make a huge different in makeup look is Fake Lashes!

I have tried several brands, bought by accident actually, because mostly I was running out of time (having party in the next day, but just realize I have no fake lashes stock) so I just pick any brand in Sogo.

Thanks to internet I did some research for a good quality one, and I ended up choosing and falling to Dolly Wink Eyelashes. 

I picked no 11, Pure Sweet, which is so lovely, not too long, not too thick, but enough to make your eyes pops naturally.


My not-so-complicated Skincare Routine

I believe a better canvas will make a better painting. And that's more or less the same with the face. So lately, since I love using makeup, I am more concern to keep my face healthy from within. I drink water as much as I can, but I do drinking coffee everyday, and being in an aircon office almost 10 hours every day. Once a while I walk out in sunny Surabaya to grab some lunch. So yeah, my skin is not in its very best : dehydrated and polluted I guess -_-

So I am now more concern to keep my face as hydrated as possible. I use moisturizer every morning and night before bed. I've been enjoying Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge for a couple of years now. Even though it says Night, but I use it in the morning too, because I found the morning one is stickier which I hate it. So I only get protected my the SPF that is contained in my foundation. 

Back to Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge, it has a very light texture, no sticky at all and I feel my skin moistured enough. Most of all, it doesn't break out my sensitive skin. I purchased it around idr 450k. Quite pricey, but I can use it up in 9 months, value for money, right. 

Lately I find my skin is drier and gets some flakiness, yuck, blame the Surabaya's hot weather >,< . And I think using moisturizer only is not enough. So I do some research on the internet, and found out Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, a serum which claims to create more smoother, hydrated and stronger skin. There you go.

Been using it about couple of weeks, and I can see it reduces the redness on my cheeks, doesn't really hydrated though, still can see dry patches here and there, but I think I have to use it up around one month to really achieve the healthier skin *fingers crossed*. 

Oh and sometimes in the morning before applying moisturizer I spray Avene Thermal Spring Water. The reviews say it can calm the redness, but I don't really see the result. To me it's just like spraying water on my face >,<. The only thing I do enjoy is the cool feeling after spraying it. I think I won't repurchase.

I think that's all of my skincare routine, not really complicated, right. 

Happy Sunday! :)

Sep 7, 2013

Eleven Minutes

Eleven MinutesEleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've never read any novels twice or more. For me once is enough. But this Paulo Coelho novel Eleven Minutes marks my first time ever reading a novel twice. 

I once read it in 2007 (thanks to goodreads shelf). I think I wasn't quite sure about the content. All I remember is a prostitute in Rue de Berne, a famous road in Switzerland. But I forgot the story line. 

Having not reading lately, I have the urgency to light up my old neglected hobby : reading novels (ever since I found hay day :P). That's why I think I have to reread it. 

Eleven Minutes is the only Paulo Coelho's novel I have. I even haven't read the most famous the Alchemist. I don't know why I picked Eleven Minutes back then. And I once lent from library Witch from Portobelo, but never understand a word on it *too heavy for my chick-lit head*.

When I reread it I found that Paulo Coelho is trying to tell the readers to love without posses. All is written beautifully in Maria, the prostitute's eyes. Maria was a little Brazilian innocent girl who had a dream to find love and get settled with a rich husband, lovely kids in a sea view house (Who doesn't want it anyway?). But the universe had something else for her in Switzerland. 

I recommend this novel to those who are 21 and above. No under age please. Because some terms maybe too 'harsh' ('prostitute' and 'orgasm' are everywhere) and yet you won't get the point. As I reread it now I understand it better. Yes, I take this Paulo Coelho novel seriously as if it's a life lesson.

Good read, indeed.

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Sep 1, 2013

Long time no see

Hiiii.. Long time no see!
(just figure out I have no single post in August, blame the Hay Day! 😙)

Let's have a quick update (gonna be qiuck I have boat order on Hay Day hahaha).

I've been enjoying bath and body works products since highschool and I got hooked ever since. It was Sweet Pea Body Cream! A great starter for me, because the fragrance is indeed sweet. My classmate even asked me what perfume I used ☺

Too bad, the product is only in US, so I found hard to get it. As time goes by, I was in and out using another body care product, the body shop, loocitane, etc. Basically they are the product that I can buy easily in the store, but too bad they don't accommodate 'my fragrance'. Thank goodness because of internet, I found some online store that selling them! So I think I always get back to bath and body works.

Now I have Beautiful Day, the triple moisture body cream, and I love it to bits! Fruity, floral, fresh, it really makes my day beautiful 😍

In the picture above I also have another bath and body works product a hand sanitizer with an owl holder, cute right. Another one is Bliss sage+lemon body butter (in this hot weather all we need is to make sure the skin is well moistured). The name is body butter, but it has no texture like one. Once you apply, it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. I think i will repurchase the full size in the future.

Oh and I want to tell you my recent fashion purchase that I really love! Spanx!

I purchase Mid-Thigh Undie-tectable Spanx to substitute my old one that I have been using almost 3 years (it's wacoal anyway). It's been sewn here and there so I think I have to purchase the new one. And Spanx it is. 

I wore it yesterday under my Dorothy Perkins black dress yesterday at my bf's best friend's wedding, and all I can say is: I LOVE IT! 

As it says on the packaging: 
"Invisible compression zone flattens tummy"
"Secretly slims under skirt & dress"

Best purchase of the month!

Another thing I purchase lately (You purchase way too many, Yun!😱) is Batiste dry shampoo. Been reading some great reviews on this product as a first help for instant fresh hair, it reduces the oil on the scalp, when you have no time to wash your hair. 

I have a terrible oily scalp. I wash my hair every morning, and at 3-4 pm it gets oily, even at the aircon office. Sad. So when I saw this product at Mothercare I purchase it without hesitate. I just used it twice, but don't really see the magic. Or was it me that didn't use it properly. I think I have to give it another try next time. 

I guess that'd be all. I just have my morning coffee and breakfast while writing this on this beautiful Sunday morning. Bliss. 

Happy Sunday!