Jan 31, 2011

Afternoon Breakfast at Killiney

It's  a good afternoon breakfast with him! :D
Monday is a good day to chill out as we dropped by at Grand City yesterday and found this cool place to hang out: Killiney Kopitiam.

It was only my first time going there and I just fall in love with their Tarik Coffee and Kaya Butter Toast. The tarik coffee is a fusion of coffee and milk, and I think it's quite too sweet, but that's why I like it so much :). And I do like the taste of sweet and salty mixed in Kaya Butter Toast.

Really wish to have them as my breakfast everyday!

Jan 27, 2011

Flag of Hope for Ical

Yesterday, January 26, we celebrated Ical's birthday, one of my Honda mate. We bought her present and I specially made her a Flag Muffin. So excited!

Three things she likes: being SQ Cabin Crew, Bibimbap, and Dooodolls

Stuffs to make the flag muffin

Fold the flags and stick it onto toothpicks

 TA RAA! Flag muffin is done! Try the delicious Breadtalk Muffin too

Look at her big smile :D

Reddish Car Head Rest by Dooodolls

Happy Birthday! Lots of love for you :*

Jan 17, 2011

2010 Memo

Just took a glance on my Blackberry Memo pad and found my 2010 Resolution:

It was a quite simple resolution. Too simple?

Java Jazz
Awww.. I made it. Together with Jecklin and Natalia we went to Java Jazz Festival 2010 in Jakarta, March 6th. And the best part was I met sudex girls, my schoolmates who I've never met after graduating 2004: Tephie (Jakarta), Natalia (Australia) and Carrine (Canada)!

Left to right: Me, Jecklin, Natalia
 One of the performer: Roy Hargrove Quintet
Bangga jadi orang NTT: Sasando, alat musik Rote
100% original!
Sudex Girls at Tony Roma's: left to right Tephie, Carrine, Natalia, Jecklin

Yoga, Pilates
I did yoga finally! But it was just two months I did it, simply because I have no time. Yes, I am a super busy woman. Hahaha. Forget it! The fact is I am just too lazy to do that :(. But yoga is really good. Have a try! Anyway, I still couldn't figure out what Pilates is, hahaha.

Visit Bali, Lombok, Kediri
As a Main Dealer Customer Relations, I should, no, I must visit my Dealers' Customer Care Officer. We have 12 dealers, located in Surabaya, Malang, Kediri, Bali and Lombok. It's now my second year at Honda, and I never have chance to visit Kediri, Bali and Lombok :(. Too bad, I can't make it this year. TE DOT! Hopefully I can make it this year.

Bangun lebih pagi
I really had problem to wake up early in the morning. I think I am not a morning person. But, I can smile now. A grin even. This couple months, I wake up early, I do my make up and blow-dry my hair at home, and go to the office early :D. I feel healthier than ever. That is the power of waking up early. Thank Almighty.

What's on 2011?? 

Jan 3, 2011

Somewhere Within Me

 Live Like You're Dying - Lenka

Somewhere within me recently think that I don't deserve any good guy. I don't believe in any relationship, whatsoever people call it. Don't judge me cynical. It was my feeling under that circumstances.

But here I am. Falling in love again.

I want to make it right this time. Because this is an overwhelming feeling. Like I've never had before. I think I've found somebody I'd want to spend my time with.

I don't know how it will end up. I will take every moment. It's all I can do, use what's been given to me.

May you (yes YOU!) make it right this time?

And Lord, may You please make it right this time?