Dec 31, 2012

Say Hello to Baby Karen

Hello, how's your holiday so far? I want to introduce my beautiful niece, Karen. Born on 29 Dec, she is a cute baby, I can staring (literally) at her all day. Look at her round face and pinkish cheeks I want to bite her! Now my parents have another grandchild to play with :D

Dec 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I and C are wishing you all have a very berry merry Christmas! 
Have a joyful one!

Had a Christmas Eve Dinner at Jamoo with family. I wore Body & Soul dress, Marc by Marc Jacob Black Lil Ikuta Satchel, and Sam Edelman Black Evelyn peeptoe. Happy tummy, happy outfit ;;)

Dec 21, 2012

Picnic at Pique Nique

It's another cute place to take a break. Pique Nique. Really I had a hard time realizing that it is Picnic not Piku Niku, hahahaha >v<

I and C went to Grand City last Sunday. C was starving, and we was passing by Pique Nique, and I was falling in love with the place (and the food! Quite pricey but worth it. If you have XL number you'll get 20% discount. Yay!)

Take a look.

The last picture is my new heels from Charles & Keith, which I just bought last month, because the old one was abused enough one and a half year. And this new shoes sucks. Yes, they are pretty but not comfortable at all and hurts like hell :(( I am so going to find another new one (Yay! Oops..)

Anyway, this month is the last month of 2012, it's even only ten days to 2013. Flash back from early year, I can't be more grateful to God, for He is sooooo good to us all this year (and every time always). Many great things happen in this year especially in my relationship and job, and I expect it will be greater the next year!

Dec 8, 2012

December Haul

I'd rather say I am a conventional shopper, but to sit nicely working on a computer with internet connection is a different thing. I am now declare myself as an online shopper. Uh oh. Especially when you are registered to female daily. Big uh oh.

My last purchase online from Mimo Batik had give a me quite a break from shopping online. Then I ran out of eye and make up remover and found on the internet that Lioele's has a good review. And again, I don't really have time to buy in store, so I just order it online from  (Lioele Aroma Waterproof Lip Eye Remover 80ml. Price IDR 89k).

Of course buying only one item from online shop is a waste, because they have delivery charge =P. So I decided to pick one more item which I need (or want?) the most right now: Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner! Hahaha, even though the price is quite expensive (IDR 198k for an eyeliner! What do you think?). But heck yeah, it was just a click away. So order done.

When the package came, I am in love with this Dolly Wink package (by Tsubasa Masuwaka), I even won't to open it up because it's way too cute!

You see other haul are from (I shopped too much! ><) Tresemme Thermal Creation and NYX slide on pencil in Jewel. I picked Tresemme to protect my hair from hairdryer/iron heat. I used to use Kerastase Ciment Thermique this past few years. And (again) by reading Female Daily Forum, some members recommend Tresemme, so I decided to give it a chance. Been using it a week, and not quite see the result. It's good, but I think Kerastase is still the best. The price says itself. And I randomly picked NYX slide on pencil to make my cart into two items =P. Actually wanted to try a jet black, but they don't have it, so I picked Jewel instead. I love the color, it's like maroon with some glittery, but what I like about NYX pencil is it's smooth and easy to apply.

That'd be all for this December. Happy weekend!