Dec 31, 2010

I hate you, but I heart you

I hate you

I hate the way you care too much
Like I'm a little baby
I hate the way you tell the truth briefly
Like I don't know the reality
I hate you, but I heart you

Dec 27, 2010

What is it?

I am happy.
I am not ashamed showing my big forehead, with pimples of course.
I laugh as loud as I could. I laugh from my liver. I laugh a lot. Like a lot A LOT. Hahahahaa..
I wake up earlier than before.
I do my make up and dry my hair before going to office.
I start to love OVJ.
I wash my car properly.
I feel protected.
I feel like someone's watching my back, to catch me if I fall, in case.
I feel like smiling every time for no reason.

What is it?