Dec 31, 2014


The end of 2014 is coming, so I'd like to thank for this year

#thankGodfor 2014 because
  • I and my family went to Singapore this early year for a fun holiday
  • I am engaged to C, proudly call him my fiancee, and have my ring on now! 
  • I and C together we bought our own house, applied KPR on our own, and it was agreed! (Praise the Lord!)
  • Our house is now still on renovating process, hopefully can be done in early 2015
  • For the first time I was attending James Gwee Seminar, very smart, funny, lively, and entertaining speaker!
  • I am able to do yoga regularly now, thanks to Tara Stiles and Sarah Beth videos on you tube
  • Our family have a new addition: my baby niece Kayleen, who was born on September. She is very healthy, beautiful and have a pointy nose(!)
  • I now know why my skin is so easily getting awfully flaky, itchy and dry. The culprit is Sulfate and Paraben product that I use (mostly wash soap). Now that I know I am allergic to those, I carefully choose my soap. Hopefully will have a better skin next year!
  • I found oil cleansing method. As I state above, my skin is very sensitive to some products, and for my face I have dry patches all along the years (that my face won't be flawless whenever I put any foundation on!). Then I read on Female Daily forum, some suggests this oil cleansing method. I then give it a try. I use olive oil (after work, before taking a bath), about 1 teaspoon on my hand, then gently massage them onto my skin (go down to neck too), leave about a minute or two, then go showering, and just use my regular face soap (I use Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser) and I see significantly no more dry patches. MAGIC! You can google for more detail.
  • I found out Apple Cider Vinegar is the best conditioner for my hair. Every time I wash my hair (I use Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo), I will pour a mix of1 tablespoon of ACV and 500 litre of water, and just rinse it. Yay to no more limped hair! 
  • My fiancee gave me a new phone as an anniversary gift. Yay!
So those are my notes on #thankGodfor2014. 

I pray for God's blessing and mercy for me and C, our family and friends throughout 2015. As recently, my heart is broken hearing the sad news from the Air Asia QZ8501 incident. I found this meaningful words from the mayor of Surabaya here
The mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, went from one crying relative to another, and at one point walked out with a grieving man, while telling him: "We don't have a choice. Today this happens to you, tomorrow it may happen to me. Nobody knows. So you have to be strong. Our lives belong to God."
May God bless us.

Dec 30, 2014

The Oats Story

I have never been a fan of oats. Just look at it made me want to puke. So sorry, but it was really the truth. Until one day, I realized my office attire was getting too tight. I had a hard time trying to zip my skirt, yes it was that bad. I know that was the time I should check my intake.

I usually eat some bread with a cup of coffee in the morning, a full plate of meal for lunch and a half plate meal for dinner. And oh ya no exercise at all (is walking from parking lot to the office building consider a workout?).

So, I began to research on the web (yep, I do research first! *nerd*) for what kind of meal that make me full (when I am hungry, my brain's stop working :P) but at the same time not make me too 'heavy' (literally heavy = FAT).

Later I saw on Fit n Fab Diet Nutrition forum from Female Daily (a life saver, really!), there are many thread including: Diet Mayo (big no no!), Food Combining (please, I am working 6 days, 8 to 5 so there can't be done), and Oatmeal Diet.

I scrolled down every comment on Oatmeal Diet, and I said to myself: "Hey, this is so doable! I think I'll give a try!". So there it goes.

I bought instant Haverjoy Australian Oats (smell better compared to Quaker one). I just need 2 spoon of the oats, a half teaspoon of white sugar or brown sugar, and some raisins (or banana). Believe me, it tastes so much better! I can live now! I now have my oats for every breakfast, cut my full meal lunch for a half, and no carbs dinner. I even sometimes make a savory oat recipe (there are so much recipe, go try to find your 'one') : 1 to 2 spoon of oats, a pinch of salt, and omelette. It tastes like a porridge, don't worry, it's delicious (at least for me, an eggs lover).

My body now feels a little lighter, plus making oats is so easy and cheap X)

Anyway, I now do yoga regularly (twice every week, for 20-30 minutes) at home. Thanks to Tara Stiles and Sarah Beth videos on youtube. I secretly hope that by the end of 2015 I can do split! X)

Nov 13, 2014

OOTD : Floral and Nudes Color

Back with OOTD post just because I felt so gooood wearing them
It's amazing huh, how a look can create such a happy mood :D

Top - H&M
Pants - Zara
Bag - Coach
Watch - Fossil
Shoes - Nine West 

Anyway, I love the place so much, it's Pipe & Barrel. My sister insisted us to go there, since it's owned by a well known former Master Chef Indonesia, Ken :P. Turned out it is a good place with a good food. You should try! Oh, and it has the outdoor area, that so colorful you won't miss out taking pictures.

Hang on, Friday is tomorrow! 

Nov 3, 2014

OOTD : Purple Love

It's November already, and we are going to end 2014 very soon. How time flies so fast!

I always want to post #OOTD (outfit of the day) but too bad, I don't have someone to take picture of me (fyi: my bf oops fiancee hate taking pictures!). So when I have my mom around, yes, I ask her to snap a picture or two :P

So this was yesterday's outfit, I was going to the mall, accompanying mom to do hair spa at the salon.

Top and skirt from H&M, love it! 
Bag from Coach (my family gave me this bag as a birthday present, God bless them!)
Flat shoes from Charles & Keith 

Till next time! 

Oct 7, 2014

Makeup For Good Mood

One day, I felt so gloomy, like everything I did that day nothing turns well, let's just say it was a bad day. Although it was weekend, I just want to head home right after office, doing nothing, thinking nothing.

But when I went home, I looked at my mom's YSL lipstick. Suddenly I have the urge to look as pretty as I can be. I then put some make up, dress up, and take pictures as many as I can, and voila, my day is not a bad day anymore. Haha!

Make up that day:
Foundation : Shu Uemura Lightbulb Liquid Foundation
Blush : Tarte Blissful and theBalm Instain Argyle 
Gel Eyeliner & Mascara : Sasa Tinnie 
Brow : Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil
Lipstick : YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 9 Pink Caresse 

I especially love my lippie! YSL indeed has a great texture and color payoff, I am amazed!

Have a good mood everyone!

A little tip: find your hobby, do it frequently and be happy! :D

Aug 28, 2014

Important Lessons in Life

  • You are responsible for your own happiness, not other people.
  • Is your job your passion? Well done. If it isn't, it's also okay. You can still be happy.
  • Of all things you can learn in college, here are the two most important lessons for career success: how not to be a prick, and public speaking.
  • Your body is your life. If your body is not fit and healthy, you don't have a life. Spend money and time for health.
  • Don't be selfish douche. But also don't worry too much about other people's opinion. Find balance. 
  • Read. You will be smarter, and you can engage in conversations. And probably get laid too.
  • Don't be religious. Be spiritual. Know the difference.
  • Respect science. Your life depends on it.
  • Be nice and courteous to all people. Say thank you and smile to waiters, store staffs, anyone who helps you.
  • Invest in quality friends, not superficial acquaintances.
  • If it is only 3 stories, take the stairs, not elevator.
  • Occasionally, do charity/volunteer work. Not to get rewards in heaven, but to share your blessing. Give because you have received, not because you expect something.
  • Be nice to your parents, lest you regret it when they are gone.
  • You will break someone's heart, and yours by someone else. That's a fact of life. Suck it up.
  • Don't be too serious. We are all dead someday.
  • If you think someone you meet look nice today, say it so. You may just make someone's day.
  • Don't overeat. Cut sugar.
  • Don't bully people. In real life or online.
  • Karma has a powerful weapon. It's called social media.
  • Often times shit happens. Just random. Not because of what you did in the past, or gods hate you. Life has a lot of randomness. Acknowledge it.
  • Often time luck happens. Just random. Not because of what you did in the past, or gods love you. Life has a lot of randomness. Acknowledge it. Stay humble.
Found it so randomly when reading Henry Manampiring and I post it here as a reminder for myself 

Aug 8, 2014

YSL Gloss Volupte 15 Grenade Pepite

Hello there!
Happy Ied Mubarak! I know it's sooo late, but I wish you guys a blissful Ramadhan, and may peaceful be upon us always.

Not really a lipstick girl, but so in to them lately. I guess having mom around is a big deal, (beside she cooks a very good and healthy meals) I can borrow her makeup! :D

So this YSL Gloss Volupte 15 Grenade Pepite is actually my mom's. She's been a huge fan of YSL lipstick and lipgloss since I was a little girl. And I've never owned a YSL gloss, only lipstick, so I really want to try this gloss badly. Can it be as pretty as their famous YSL Lipstick?

The answer is YES!

Indeed YSL Gloss Volupte 15 Grenade Pepite has a luxurious brightened pink color. Actually you can see the bottle looks pink coral but when I apply it, it becomes more like fuchsia on me. I kind a feel shy wearing this on, because the color is really pigmented in only one swipe!), but it's really great to steal the night when attending a party! 

The formula doesn't dry me out, which is a very important thing, and very comfortable to wear
! The color stays on me about 2-3 hours (it's gloss anyway), and leaves a beautiful stain which perfect for not so into bold lippie like me ;)

Here's my look wearing YSL Gloss Volupte 15 Grenade Pepite

Makeup that day:
Foundation - Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation 574 (anyone want a review?)
Eyeliner - Sasatinnie Gel Eyeliner 01 Velvet Black
Brow - Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 3 (run out of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, so I grabbed this, really not bad at all)
Mascara - Sasatinnie Party Queen 4D Hot Lash Mascara
Lipgloss - YSL Gloss Volupte 15 Grenade Pepite

Jun 30, 2014

Chanel Lipstick: Rouge Allure Surprenante 129 (+ random chats)

Sooo, before this month ends, shall I write something?

I want to at least write one post in my blog every month (remembering one of resolution is to write regularly on this blog), so I searched my photo gallery and found old photo of me using this Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure Surprenante 129.

Beside the texture which is so drying on my lips, chapped lips everywhere (yucks), the color is so beautiful. It instantly make me look more feminine. I combine it with Tarte Blissful (the one that Jen Frmheadtotoe uses the most on her youtube!) blush, and they look perfectly match. Love!

This is my look:


Here we have fasting month and the election. I hope everything will run just fine and peacefully. Been seeing too many harsh comments to both of the Presidents Candidates. People point of view may be vary between them, but actually we need the same thing, right? We all need a peaceful country to live in. So I really hope the election will go well.

And I really want to thank God, for our house dealing has been done so smoothly. We are so grateful, we can't thank Him enough for everything. The great feeling, when we first stepped in to our own house, the one we call 'home' was so satisfying :")

Still, we need to renovate this and that, but we decided we will enjoy every moment of it, one step at a time. Keep in faith, that everything will be done in His name.

Now in spare time, I browse more interior design webs. You probably want to check them out: ; ;

Till the next post!

May 19, 2014

YSL Lipstick : Rouge Volupte Shine 13 Pink in Paris

Hello Monday!

I am back wearing my current favorite lipstick! Yes, it is YSL's. Have been reading a lot of great review about their quality. And here it is! 

I went to the YSL counter and asked for a not drying formula for my patchy lips, so the beauty assitant told me to get Rouge Volupte Shine. I did some swatching on my hand, and I purchased no 13 Pink in Paris. I think it is the most 'safe' color for every day look. The color looks so sweet and youthful without looking too much.

I like about the formula the most, it glides so smoothly on my lips, so buttery and creamy. The finish is glossy look, but it's not like lipgloss glossy look, it's more like glossy satin finish. And great thing about it is they leave a stain behind, which is great after wearing it about 4 or more hours later. 

This is my look wearing Pink in Paris:

I scroll to the website and there are much more YSL lipstick that I want to purchase, indeed they have great color and quality. I want some more! :D

Happy Monday!

May 14, 2014

Black Dress Never Fail

Had to attend a wedding party last weekend, and this was my outfit of that day

Somehow I feel so confident wearing black. Or maybe it was just the right Dorothy Perkins dress on me, or maybe it was the right black suede sling back heels from Sam Edelman that made me so happy going around and taking a lot of pictures :P 

Or maybe it was just because black dress never fail B-)

Apr 17, 2014

Liquid Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Quick midweek post.

Okay, so today I want to share my look with my current fave liquid foundation.
It's Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, I use shade 4, which is suits my skintone very well.

I love it because it's a lightweight foundation, it sits on my skin not like any other thick feel foundation, it's so smooth, the texture really goes well whether I apply it with my hand, beauty blender sponge, or sigma F80 brush. 

As the texture is lightweight, those who want extra coverage may not like it. As my picture below, you can see, how my skin looks, more even skintone, cover a bit redness and some acne scar, and I am still me, it's like my face but better :D. You still can count on your concealer, though.

The before after (first time showing my bare face!)

The final look.

I am thinking of repurchasing it, but heck the price is getting higher T_T
And I want to try Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation too! 

Mar 19, 2014

I'm Engaged!

Still can't believe that now I'm engaged!
I can't really describe how thankful I am to God. The whole process of my relationship since the very beginning, through ups and downs, and finally made it to meeting up both parents which is the crucial part in our Chinese culture, we made it.

It was in January when we came up with the date of the engagement, which was couple weeks ago on March 9. Can't thank enough for parents, brothers, sisters, and friends who have helped us for the preparation.

In case any of you want to know the vendors we were dealing with, I list some of it below:

  • Venue : Ming Garden (the manager and all of the waiters/waitress, even the parking officer were so nice and of course their Chinese Food is one of the best in town, including their misuah, yum yum!)
  • Backdrop Decoration: Posh Decoration
  • Baki (rents) : Toko Dewi Pasar Atum
  • Engagement box : Fresh One
  • Engagement snack : Kemenangan 
  • Dress and hair piece : Susie Loemanauw 
  • Make Up and Hairdo : Niken Xu
  • Cupcake topper and table mat : Yunie (yes, I made it myself, you just need photoshop, papers, and printer!)
  • Cupcakes : Pumpkin
  • Tarts : Nop's Kitchen
  • Photographer : Raymond Limbers (my bestie's boyfriend :D)
What do I miss? I think that's all. Let me know if you want to know the details through comment section.

Oh and this is C's present for my birthday, I consider it as my engagement ring (Now I know why women say diamond is a girl's best friend, because I love it, I can't stop looking at it! :D)

Have a great  midweek!

Feb 3, 2014

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

This year I celebrated it with le boyfie's family and my sister and bro in law because my parents is out of town. We visited the elders, wished them good and prosperous life ahead and received angpows :D

I really love my outfit that day, I was wearing red dress by VRG. And I love it how it makes me look slimmer heheheh. Also I love that le boyfie hugged my arm, so his hand covered my fatty arm, you're the best, babe! :P


Feb 2, 2014

Chanel Lipstick: Rouge Allure Etonnante 131

Hi hi.. I am here to swatch my current lipstick that I love so much, been wearing it regularly every day now. It's Chanel Rouge Allure in Etonnante 131!

The texture is creamy matte with some glossy finish and the color is bright coral with some pink hint. I love the color, because it's just pop up your whole looking effortlessly. 

If I want to look more natural I just swipe it once, but I'll apply it two or three swipe for night party.

I found the lipstick could last approximately about 3-4 hours, the tips are wear it and blot then re-apply.  

Here is the swatch and me wearing the lipstick:

Happy Sunday!

Jan 22, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of everything in random order, I just have to let it out

Gel manicure and pedicure
Every time my mom's here (she lives outside town) she always go to Nail Plus or Glow to have pedicure and manicure, so when I had my time off, mom told me to go with her. It had been ages since I got manicure or pedicure, hence the therapist asked me if I want a gel manicure. I was like: Ha? What is that? Yes, I am so out of date :P. Cut the story short, me and mom were done having neat and pretty nails. It's been 3 weeks that my hand nails still 80% in a good condition (not cracked like ordinary manicure), meanwhile my foot nails still looking as new as the first time (amazed!). Couple days ago I tried to remove the nail polish with aceton, but nothing happened. And when I tried to pull the nail polish, my nail become ugly leaving with some scratches. Uh oh. I tried googling searching any method, but came with no answer. So I called Nail Plus and asked, and they told me to go to their counter because it can only be removed by their special liquid (cost idr 49k T_T). Heck, the removing process was a little complicated, including using some aluminium foils, really a time wasting. But hey I got my nails back. Really I have to think more to get gel manicure/pedicure next time :/

First time waxing the underarm
While removing the nail polish I chatted with my therapist at Nail Plus and asked her about waxing the underarm: is it hurt or have any side effect. She said waxing underarm basically is the easiest way to get rid of the unwanted hair, with minimum side effect, unless you have sensitive underarm area. And it can be done not more than 10 minutes. I'm in! Thanks to technology! First step is warming the gel about 15 minutes, so I just wait on their comfy couch while watching Katie Perry on MTV unplugged (She is so pretty, omg! I can look at her makeup all day!). Then the therapist says the gel is ready, so I was escorted to the back room, and asked to lay down on their bed. I expect the waxing will be hurt so much, but it wasn't! Hooray! She spread the warm (a little bit hot) gel on my underarm and put a paper on it, and I just have to hold a little pain only one second when the therapist pull the paper off, then she finished it with applying some layers of lotions. And all done.  My very first time waxing underarm was not so bad at all, actually I am thinking of doing it regularly (the price is idr 89k).

Parents Meeting
It was my parents meeting my bf's parents and grandparents and other relatives for the first time. They came at Sunday morning, have a little chat and discussion about our future. It's a huge step :") and I can't thank God enough. Hope everything goes smoothly, God speed!

2014 Resolution
Unlike any other year, I don't really have one this year. Oh, I want to have clear skin (meaning : stick to Shiseido Ibuki series, no more trying this or that). Since I found Shiseido launches their new range of skin care called Ibuki, I purchased the starter and fell in love immediately. Using Ibuki series regularly I've been seeing my skin looks healthy as ever, no more redness, no more dry and patchy skins. My foundations sets really well on my skin now *happy*.
Any other resolution? Guess, I will keep this part updated every time I want something.

My niece's turning 1
I love herrrrr!

Having fun in Instagram
The only social media that I am using now is Instagram. I find it very fun, especially when you follow someone who share something you really like. In my case, make up and more make up! I am not a make up junkie, but I do have a pleasure feeling just by seeing other make up hauls or just to stay in touch with the newest make up stuff. Other fun thing in Instagram is seeing cute baby boy (Xiaxue's son!), food and more food (ladyironchef), or beautiful painting (ayangcempaka) and etc. I just love seeing beautiful pictures!

I did my mom's make up
I was really happy that mom trusted me to do her make up at my cousin's wedding reception. Not bad at all I guess. She basically have a pretty face and healthy skin, so my job was a little easy that evening, hehehehe ;;)
Missing my bf
Now that the job has been taking him once or twice a month to go to Jakarta, I find that something is missing. I miss him being around T_T

Jan 9, 2014

Office trip to Bandung

(Found this post in my draft from 14Dec 2013, I really was a busy bee, forgetting to publish this post x_x)


Holaaaaa, from the top! Because i am writing on the plane. To our way to Bandung. Hahaha.. 
Feel sleepy actually but can't sleep. We just had our anual meeting yesterday, so say hi to my panda eyes. But thank god for the well done presentation. All the sleepness nights are worth it.

(Continuing the post when we are back to Surabaya)

Anyway, we are having this office trip (finally) as a reward for our hard work for the presentation. Though the preparation for itinerary were really tight (only 2 days before the day) and though we only visit Bandung for two days, WE HAD FUN! 

We ate a lot, we played at Trans Studio, we ate again, we chatted until midnight at the hotel, we shopped at Rumah Mode, and we ate more. Hahaha.. Thank you Boss! 

Catching Up

Hi! Happy new year! As the year goes by, no matter good or bad, I thank God to have a grateful and joyful heart. Hopefully this year will bring more happiness and prosperity to all of us.

This early year, I got a chance to visit Singapore with my parents, sister, brother in law and my cute 2 years old nephew! Travelling is not easy bringing a toddler, you know, but it was also so fun to have him around, we laughed a lot, we just love him. And I really think that parents' happiness is being with their grandkids is really true. 

We did a lot of shopping at Singapore, especially for kids, because we were buying for my nephew and niece. And I have a good time at Sasa, Watsons, and Sephora looking around for makeup. Will post my Singapore haul at different post.

See ya in other post! Gotta be back working ;)