Sep 14, 2012

Ugly Betty (No More!)

Okay, I might be a little (or way) too late, because I know Ugly Betty had ended in the year of 2010. But yeah, I just managed to catch the full episodes week ago. And I am so excited to know that in the end Betty is still Betty, the cheerful, optimistic, smart, curvy and chubby person. 

In 2006, when I first saw it, I was so curious of how Betty will become in the end. Will she be skinny, pretty, rich, or dating Daniel Meade? Thank God, Betty remains the same, speaking of personality. But she managed to change a little of her looks, which make me love her more. Indeed, America Ferrera is so beautiful :")

These photos from various episodes will tell you:

Having enough of way 'too much' color, thick blunt bangs and nerd glasses, here are Betty with new style. Nice clothes (finally!), side swept bangs, thinner frame glasses and surely NO BRACES! Yay!

And this is America in real life. Pretty!

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