Nov 23, 2011

Reading Romance

I've loved reading ever since I was a little kid. I enjoy reading almost any kind of books, fiction or non fiction, novels, newspaper, magazines, blogs, even twitter timeline :P.  

Calvin once asked me how I could read such a thick book without any illustration. I said to him, I create the illustration in my head! That is why  I love reading novel the most. My imagination rules!  My head could go far and bring every moment in my head, in every little detail, as I am carried away with the story.

This is why I hate any horror story/movie, because I keep capturing and creating the horror story or scenes in my head and sometimes I could make the worst of it, like multiplying the horror itself. Uh. No horror story, please.

I read somewhere that people who love reading novel (story without illustration) mostly is a creative person. Hehehe.. B-)

Anyway this is what I want to share: I'm buying books online! Kinda frustrating looking around Clara Ng's books at the store, especially for complete series and rarely have the time to explore every store. So when I enter her lovely website, I saw that she has this useful link: gramedia online.  I simply entered the books' title, clicked add to cart, filled in the order form, transferred the money via Klik BCA and all done! Plus, I got 15% off! :D 

The books arrived in three days (I chose the regular delivery service).

Kinda think I will buy some more XD

Nov 9, 2011

Miracle is Real

Just experienced a miracle. I always know that miracle happens. But experience it myself is another thing. Miracle is real. Even in a small things. 

November 6
Calvin's sister got married! I'm so happy for both of them and wish them a blessing marriage and full of fun in the future. Anyway their wedding was the sweetest wedding I have ever seen, the holy matrimony in Sheraton was very lovely, and the reception in Imperial Pakuwon Ballroom was perfectly amazing yet entertaining. 

Couple months before
I was told to prepare an evening gown in turquoise color to match the theme of the wedding. I was in a shock. First, I don't have any turquoise gown and second it was quite late to make it by a fashion designer. So my option were buying or renting O_o.

A month before
I was looking in any malls for my gown. Result: Zero. Then I was sending message to many friends to get any references for renting a gown. Fortunately one of my friend offered to make a gown for me (after made me sure that she could finish the gown in a month). The day after, she stopped by to my office to get my my size and we were talking about the gown design and fabrics. I was very relieved. First she is my friend, so I know we will have good communication, and second she gave me the best price. Good friend means good deal, huh? :D 

Three weeks before
I had my first fitting at my friend's place. I was only could see the overall pattern and it was so far look as we designed: long dress, one shoulder, and turquoise. 

Ten days before
 I had second fitting, it was all set, minus the finishing material (some shiny little stuff). Some fix needed. And I got quite a bad news that she had to go to Singapore for 4 days. So my gown wouldn't be finished any soon. Uh oh. The panic started.

Three days before.
The gown was ready, but still didn't fit, there was something wrong with the chest area. Uh oh.

Two days before
Had the last fitting, and still didn't fit. It was too tight, it couldn't be zipped. Were I getting fat? T_T I was in desperation, I wanted to cry. I didn't have back up gown (unless other color, which is in Yellow! Omg!). I managed to look calm and not panic at all. I was hoping the gown will perfectly fit me in the next day.

One day before (11 am)
She delivered the gown to my house. I tried it on. And... Taraaa... Still couldn't be zipped! T_T

One day before (2 pm)
I decided to rent a gown. And in our way to look a place to rent a gown, I kept saying to Calvin: 'This is a mission impossible. If I find the gown, it will be only by a miracle'. All I could think was find a turquoise color is not easy, if I can find it, it would not be my size, it will take time to resize it. But Calvin replied calmly: 'Don't give up, how could you find the gown if you say it is impossible in the very first place? Take it easy, we will find it'. I was only nodded in silence.

The first place we stopped by was Singapore Focus Wedding, because simply it is located near my house. I asked the staff desperately: 'Do you rent evening gown?'. 'Yes, we do', said the the staff warmly, then I was asked to wait upstairs. In ten minutes, another staff politely asked me the gown that I want and for when. I answered: 'I want any turquoise long dress for a wedding party and I need it tomorrow'. Surprisingly, the staff replied me calmly: 'I think we can make it', as she showed only two pretty long dresses in turquoise, all were perfect, the color, as well as the design. All were as I imagined. 'Whoa, I think I found it', I whispered to Calvin. I tried the first gown, and fell in love with it all of sudden, Calvin also liked it. I was relieved also to know that it needed to be resized only in 3 hours (a bit too loose in the back) and it has a reasonable price also (for me). Thank God., my gown was ready in 6 pm the day before the wedding party. Whew!

At the end I said to Calvin embarrassingly: 'Miracle is real'. He replied with a smile.

Make Up Artist by Niken Xu

Nov 8, 2011

Love Struck

<3 <3

 Always have a love struck seeing him in a suit. 

Nov 2, 2011

Not My Cup of Coffee

Been talking about Kopitiam Oey, the newest kopitiam in town, located in front of JW Marriot Hotel, like over and over again. Yes, it is Bondan Winarno's, from Wisata Kuliner TV Show. And finally managed to dropped by there at Sunday.

I ordered koffie soesoe indotjina. Really not my cup of coffee, the coffee was too strong, uh oh. I prefer coffee tarik a thousand times, sweet and milky.

It was 4 pm and not much visitor. But unlucky us, we shared the room with a bunch of women (8-10 women I guess) and their kids, so the whole room was crowded with their loud chit chat and laughter. Me and Calvin had to speak loudly so we could hear each other. Is the place too small? Or was it just us who were not so lucky that day? O_o

Nov 1, 2011

Tea Time

Just figured out that here in East Java has a tea plantation, located in Wonosari, Lawang, just an hour driving from Surabaya. For all of this time, I thought the tea plantation just exists in Bandung or other high and very cold area. I really have lack of knowledge of it, unless that I love smell of tea, any kind of teas will do for me hehehe :).

I went there last Saturday to run a marketing event for my company. Didn't have enough time to take many pictures but I managed to take some:

I think this place was somehow so peaceful, the weather there was cold and fresh, a bit hot because of the sun, and surely the smell of the tea was all over the air. I think this place is perfect for any pre wedding photo shot, don't you think so? :P