May 8, 2012

Make Up DIY

There will be my cousin's wedding on this weekend and I am not in the mood of heavy make up (I have no time anyway, uh oh, because I have to work on Saturday T_T). Therefore I don't think I need a make up artist, so yes, I'll try to push my luck by doing it myself. (Remember the good thing that you'll save more money, Yun!)

I always have a problem applying makeup for party. Especially on the eyes area. IMO, the whole makeup will look great, if the eyes are great. For party look, I definitely need a sexy eye look and I've been trying to have something smoky but mostly turns out like somebody's punching my eyes :P. 

Thru Google I found this tutorial video by from head to toe. She has a lot of makeup tutorials (been stalking her blog entire day! Hihihi.. She is so lovely and pretty!). I saw this video and think it will be pretty easy, hehehe, and all I need now is just a whole luck in the world! XD 

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