Dec 19, 2011

Ken and Barbie

Spent Sunday afternoon watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (always a fan of Ethan Hunt <3 ) and dropped by to Goota to have some snacks and ice cream (try their Taro Gelato! YUM!)

Had this weird yet funny conversation with Calvin:

C    : If I have any kids I will name them... Hm.. If it's a boy: Ken
Me  : It's a good one! And if it's a girl...
C    : Barbie!
Me  : -_____- (seriously!)

C    : I will name my future kid, if it's a boy: Bro
Me : Ha? What kind of name is that?
C   : And if it's a girl I will name her: Sis
Me: Oh my! *fainting*

 I wore: F21 dress

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