Dec 8, 2012

December Haul

I'd rather say I am a conventional shopper, but to sit nicely working on a computer with internet connection is a different thing. I am now declare myself as an online shopper. Uh oh. Especially when you are registered to female daily. Big uh oh.

My last purchase online from Mimo Batik had give a me quite a break from shopping online. Then I ran out of eye and make up remover and found on the internet that Lioele's has a good review. And again, I don't really have time to buy in store, so I just order it online from  (Lioele Aroma Waterproof Lip Eye Remover 80ml. Price IDR 89k).

Of course buying only one item from online shop is a waste, because they have delivery charge =P. So I decided to pick one more item which I need (or want?) the most right now: Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner! Hahaha, even though the price is quite expensive (IDR 198k for an eyeliner! What do you think?). But heck yeah, it was just a click away. So order done.

When the package came, I am in love with this Dolly Wink package (by Tsubasa Masuwaka), I even won't to open it up because it's way too cute!

You see other haul are from (I shopped too much! ><) Tresemme Thermal Creation and NYX slide on pencil in Jewel. I picked Tresemme to protect my hair from hairdryer/iron heat. I used to use Kerastase Ciment Thermique this past few years. And (again) by reading Female Daily Forum, some members recommend Tresemme, so I decided to give it a chance. Been using it a week, and not quite see the result. It's good, but I think Kerastase is still the best. The price says itself. And I randomly picked NYX slide on pencil to make my cart into two items =P. Actually wanted to try a jet black, but they don't have it, so I picked Jewel instead. I love the color, it's like maroon with some glittery, but what I like about NYX pencil is it's smooth and easy to apply.

That'd be all for this December. Happy weekend!


  1. are they any good? i want to try them out..thanks

    xoxo Wengie

    1. Hi Wengie :)
      Tresemme thermal creations, nyx slide on pencil, and lioele eye make up remover are good. Been using them a week and i love them! Still not try Dolly Wink eyeliner though, too cute =P