May 27, 2010

Me doing Exercise

There was a time I got an interview invitation by a General Manager for Public Relations position at a Hotel in Surabaya. I recall he is a humble man, late 40 I guess, and he was looking and exploring my data in his hand.

GM  : You said here that you love jogging and swimming.
Me   : Yes, I do swimming once a week, and do jogging sometimes in the morning.
GM  : Okay. Do you playing basketball?
Me   : Hmm, I don't. Actually I can't play it *blushing*
GM  : Okay, let's see other thing. (and he began asking other questions)

So the interview went well, but in the end I didn't take it. I don't know, I just stick to Honda :P
Now I am wondering, why he mentioned basketball.

Hmm. I think I know his intention. He wanted to know whether I am a single player or a team-worker. So I am pretty clear a single player. I did playing basketball when I was in high school and I definitely messed up on it. I was too afraid that the ball will smash my face! Hahaha. On the other hand I enjoy running or swimming, which are I always do it alone. I control the move and pace myself. And the other significant thing is the timing. I could manage my time whether to start or to stop, whether I want to do this way or that way. Or I call it : having my own flexibility and creativity! :D

It's not that I am not a team-worker. I'd say I perform better when I do it myself.

Anyway, I enjoy doing yoga currently. After a serious gaining fat these past two couple months, I (have to) signed up to a gym club for doing yoga. Actually this is my first time doing it and surprisingly I enjoy it a lot. You don't have to move or (I'd rather say it) dance a lot like in an aerobic class, all you have to do is move your body smoothly and manage your breath along with that. It's so peaceful yet healthy.

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