Sep 27, 2010

Labuan Bajo, Flores

I finally had a chance to visit Labuan Bajo, September 4-9, 2010. Yay! 

I promised myself to take pictures of Labuan Bajo (Flores, East Nusa Tenggara) as much as i can. And here are my best shot. Enjoy :)

Almost Touchdown : Labuan Bajo from the top

Here is Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo

Wings Air: Yes, it's quite small, but it's safe!

Centro Bajo Hotel : It's a beautiful, comfortable and (really) affordable hotel in town! Actually it's my uncle's hotel, so I stayed there 6 days for free, hehehe. Thank you uncle Topenos and Aunt Ivi for the generosity.

Bamboo Lamp : One of the corner I love so much at Centro Bajo Hotel

One of the view from our one day city trip

One of the place to hang out in Saturday night

See-through Balcony: You could see the sea and islands through Paradise balcony!

We all love Bob Marley!

Familiar huh? Kuku Bima Energi, PT. Sido Muncul, has this Bintang Flores Hotel pool in their television commercial advertisement. You can see the detail here.

The view behind the pool is way too beautiful.

Kids' happy face :)

Sunset Signature of Labuan Bajo *melting*

Pathway to Goa Cermin or Batu Cermin (Mirror Cave or Mirror Rock)

Troops are ready to enter the site! :D

You could see white shining rocks here at Mirror Cave or Mirror Rock

We had a way to see another beautiful view of Labuan Bajo. All you have to do is park your car anywhere high on the hill and have a walk.

Tada! We found this! Stunning :O

We had another trip to Pulau Kelor (Kelor Island). I love that wooden boat!

Shiny kids in sunny day :)

Can you see the small houses on the hill? That is actually bungalows hotel. Cool isn't it?

Another bungalows hotel. My uncle said it is owned by a French. Whoa!

Finally, Pulau Kelor (Kelor Island), after 1.5 hours in the boat :D

I met a foreigner there, he said Labuan Bajo is perfect for diving. No wonder: it has super clear water! :O

What I love about Labuan bajo:
1. The fresh air, not contaminated with any pollution :)
2. The fresh seafood. Yum, yum..
3. The beach: it has super clear water!

I really hope the government will take the tourism there more seriously, because Labuan Bajo is the main entrance to go to Komodo Island *fingers crossed*.

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