Sep 15, 2011

Home Cooking

This is a story of me and Calvin being silly.

Last Monday after office hour, as always, we grabbed some dinner before headed back home. We chose GL 8, a quite famous noodles restaurant, specialty in Cwie Mie. So there was us, around 6.30 pm, parked our car, and got in to the restaurant.

There was a time when we opened the door and talked to each other, "Wow this place has a new design!" (without getting suspicious at all!)

Then we got in. Took a seat. And the waitress came up and gave us the menu.

We read the menu, and... suddenly our eyes met and we were like talking: "OMG! This place is not GL 8!"

We just got a wrong place, and we both did not notice it until we opened the menu. The laughter came, but we managed not to mention it in front of the waitress. Hahaha. I bet the waitress thought that we were some weird customer for just took a seat, read the menu and laughed by no reason X)

After the waitress has gone, our true laughter burst out loud. Hahaha. And we kept wondering why on earth the two of us did not notice our silliness in the very first place!

The restaurant actually was Home Cooking, I ordered Nasi Bakmoy and Calvin ordered Nasi Soto Banjar, both meals were delicious, for our surprise (considering the place was quite empty during dinner time). It feels like we eat at our own home, like mom's cooking, without too much seasoning :D