Sep 20, 2011

What I've been doing

What I've been doing today: 

Got up very early, around 5.45, and suddenly missed him much, and the thought that I have to survive this day made my stomach produces butterflies T_T. Then I took my morning ritual as always: take a bath, blow dry my hair, but this time without put any make up. The need-to-be-pretty is just gone when he is not here. Uh oh.

What I hate the most is driving alone. So I listened to the radio to make some noise on my way to the office. It's better to put my mind on something else. It was Panda's voice on Prambors, always love her!

Hit the office, I made a good decision to park the car in a spacious place: learn from yesterday. I got trap yesterday, damn, it was difficult to get out of parking lot because the cars on my right and left was too close to mine. I managed to get out until I ask the security officer to give direction. I simply need Calvin for he drives like a pro and he could park the car in every angles mostly in one shot perfectly. Geez! How could he do that!

Did some works today: input the customer database, received a call from one of my customer care officer about a customer complaint, and anything else.

Called and text-ed Calvin for hundred times, shared our story, that was my excitement of the day.

And what I am gonna do after office hour are: get a Korean noodle cup (try it and get addicted to it. Yummy yum!) for dinner and finish the novel: Perfect Chemistry. It's about a couple of high school students who came from very different background and I am positively sure they will fall in love to each other *still read half of it*.

I think I have survived this Day 2 without Calvin so far. Still wish he was here T_T