Feb 16, 2011

Never let each other down

So, what were you doing on Feb 14? Mine was having a tiny candle light home-made-dinner at my home balcony. And yes, i was cooking! And the most important thing is: it was edible! No one was poisoned. Hahaha.

I also made a koala card for him. Why koala? Because koala always hugs tree like they never let each other down ;;) 

Stuffs to make the koala card: unused paper bag (I picked mama & Leon), scissor, pencil, and sewing kit.

I cut the paper, took off the bow and drew a heart-shaped pattern on the paper

Made a heart-shaped card sewn by hand through the pattern

TARAA! It was so simple to make it! B-)

At last, put the bow onto the card :D

Swing it on!

The very first dinner I've ever made: Sausage Fried Rice. The very first candle light dinner with him at home balcony :) :) :)

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