Oct 14, 2011

Gather and Win

So excited this weekend. My company is going to have an Employee Gathering at Trawas tomorrow, we will stay there until Sunday. It is an annual event, every year all of BOD, Managers, Supervisor and staff could participate for free. There will be games, motivation class and surely a lot of food --> FUN!

The excitement is not only we will have weekend getaway with all the colleagues, forget some routine activities and targets, gain some fresh air, mind and soul refreshment and lot of fun, but we could have a chance to win the door prizes which are two motorcycles, bicycles, flat TVs, rice cookers, microwave and many more! *excited*

The BOD make sure everyone gets the prize. Even though we don't win the door prizes we will at least get 200K IDR shopping voucher. It is great, isn't it? Everything free is great ^^

Last two years I got only 150K IDR shopping voucher, and last year I won Rice Cooker. Everyone surely want to win the motorcycle, but for me flat TV or microwave or bicycle will be just great *finger crossed*.

Wish me luck!

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