Nov 2, 2011

Not My Cup of Coffee

Been talking about Kopitiam Oey, the newest kopitiam in town, located in front of JW Marriot Hotel, like over and over again. Yes, it is Bondan Winarno's, from Wisata Kuliner TV Show. And finally managed to dropped by there at Sunday.

I ordered koffie soesoe indotjina. Really not my cup of coffee, the coffee was too strong, uh oh. I prefer coffee tarik a thousand times, sweet and milky.

It was 4 pm and not much visitor. But unlucky us, we shared the room with a bunch of women (8-10 women I guess) and their kids, so the whole room was crowded with their loud chit chat and laughter. Me and Calvin had to speak loudly so we could hear each other. Is the place too small? Or was it just us who were not so lucky that day? O_o

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