Nov 23, 2011

Reading Romance

I've loved reading ever since I was a little kid. I enjoy reading almost any kind of books, fiction or non fiction, novels, newspaper, magazines, blogs, even twitter timeline :P.  

Calvin once asked me how I could read such a thick book without any illustration. I said to him, I create the illustration in my head! That is why  I love reading novel the most. My imagination rules!  My head could go far and bring every moment in my head, in every little detail, as I am carried away with the story.

This is why I hate any horror story/movie, because I keep capturing and creating the horror story or scenes in my head and sometimes I could make the worst of it, like multiplying the horror itself. Uh. No horror story, please.

I read somewhere that people who love reading novel (story without illustration) mostly is a creative person. Hehehe.. B-)

Anyway this is what I want to share: I'm buying books online! Kinda frustrating looking around Clara Ng's books at the store, especially for complete series and rarely have the time to explore every store. So when I enter her lovely website, I saw that she has this useful link: gramedia online.  I simply entered the books' title, clicked add to cart, filled in the order form, transferred the money via Klik BCA and all done! Plus, I got 15% off! :D 

The books arrived in three days (I chose the regular delivery service).

Kinda think I will buy some more XD

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