Feb 6, 2012

The Drama

When I have nothing to do at the office I'll do blogging. Snap some random pictures or just blab anything and post it up. But, this couple weeks, instead of blogging, I have been watching Secret Garden, the Korean drama series.

I've never been a fan of Korean drama series, but a friend recommends me to watch this, so I think I'll give it a try. And yeah, as expected, the story is a lil bit cheesy and the plot is somehow too slow, comparing to American series (no offense, it's just my point of view) yet I can't help to keep watching it. Hahahahaa. I even think of some scenes before I go to bed! Oh so silly me XD. And I do really think this series succeed to show that Korea has many breath-taking views and oh, they have very very beautiful exterior and interior of almost every buildings in the movies!

Gotta back to work. Have a fun Monday! :)

Random pictures of the week:

Bowl of fries + Brulee-cino + Bazaar = :D (Gelato Bar)

Marc Jacobs Prints

Love it to bits!

Happy cookies from Yanti's Engagement box. Lovely!

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