Feb 15, 2012

Thank God, it's Blogger

Sincerely writing this post to say thank you to Blogger :")

I just happened to know that I could make money from it (Yes, I am really a newbie blogger). I am saying that writing in this blog is basically a way to speak up my mind, to practice my writing skill, and to capture moments, instead I get WAY more than those. I get very updated news from fashion to politics, I get to know some inspiring, funny, creative bloggers, and I get to know events that could bring happiness: free stuff and money! Hehehe..

I still could not believe that I got so lucky to win US $1000 voucher from from last month and this month I won another one.

I am a reader of, yes she writes everything so lovely :") and she once posted about a writing competition of traveling in Indonesia by Adira around November last year. So I quickly enter the competition and wrote about Kelor Island. And last two weeks Adira sent an email, that my post is one of the ADIRA Best 100 Faces of Indonesia.Yay! *grinning endlessly*

Thank God, it's Blogger!

Now I am thinking of buying a pair of Charles & Keith shoes :P

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