Aug 25, 2012

Randomly Me

All drawings in this post are from the talented Jacqueline in her famous tumblr Chibird
I enjoy and adore her drawings so much, and somehow I found that some of them are truly represent me :D

I really can't wake up without alarm in my workdays ><. Every Sunday or holiday, I turn my alarm off and enjoy the  bed as long as I want. I dedicate my Sunday as a doing-nothing-day. So peaceful. Really I thank God for Sundays, but, dear God, I would be much happier if You could make Saturday as a day off too in my office. I know nothing's impossible in You.. O:)

I do, and kinda love it because it sounds prettier ^^ (it's just because I have a real high tone voice in reality ><). 

Couple months ago I think. I've been watching marathon tv series recently: Grey's Anatomy, Jane by Design, and soon final season of Ugly Betty (Yes, I am so left-behind)! Actually I've been reading "It happened in Paris" by Molly Hopkins since couple of months ago, but I got stuck at chapter 4. Is it the book not entertaining or it simply me who get distracted? Hm..

I always want to write neatly, and that is what really turn out at the end. And I did have resolutions every year to have a neat agenda, so I could manage my time well. But, guess what? My agenda was only filled up on early days in the first month! The rest of it was only a bunch of my random scratches ><

It happens all the time. I think it's Calvin's secret mission to get me out of spending-money-of-something (clothes, shoes, makeup, and more clothes)-you-do-not-NEED *raised eyebrow*. Oh, I really wish shopping was easy!

I found this drawing and laughed out loud then looked at my belly... DANGGG I really I NEED to do exercise asap! T_T

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