Jul 13, 2013

Learn to Shade

My very first concern about my face is definitely the nose (after the forehead of course). I have no pointy nose, I prefer to call it small nose though. So small then some of high school friends often bully me about its existence. Meh! X)

So when I know a little makeup trick, there is one thing called: shading (or some beauty bloggers call it contouring, I did my own face as an experiment. Hahaha, nothing's better right. I once did nose shading for my mom, and it ended up asymmetrical! Lol. 

So this is my very first time trying nose shading.

I don't have any shading makeup so I use my Meet Matt(e) Palette, I choose Matt Wood (the deep brown one) and an eyeshadow brush to shade my nose. For the top of the nose I add a line of Matt Malloy (the white one).

Really an amateur but I kinda like the result X). It's not too noticeable, but does make a bit of camouflage for pointy nose look.

With and Without Nose Shading. I think I look slimmer! Yay!

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