Oct 2, 2013

I stole my boyfriend's shoes!

Had an office event last Sunday, a beauty class actually, so I gotta dress up beautifully and of course wore high heels. High heels probably are the most intimidating fashion item for me, you'll instantly look like a model (longer leg, a very good camouflage indeed), but remember to pay it off: sore legs and foots because the heels hurt them like hell. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

I don't know, whether I haven't find the right shoes, or it's just my foots that can barely stand a 3-4 hours pain on heels.

The good news is I have my boyfriend! Hahaha..  So when finally after standing almost 3 hours straight, we had lunch and I had to pee, but my foots hurt so bad, I couldn't walk. The next thing came to my head was borrowing my boyfriend's shoes.

He questioned it to me: 'Are you sure?'. I nodded without hesitate. So be it. It was just quick walk on way too big shoes to the bathroom, I bet no one will notice. And I made it back to the place we had lunch grinned happily. I envy you guys for wearing flats every single day >,<

I wore Zara dress with unbranded long cardigan + my bf's Everbest shoes :D

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